Possessed By The Devil

by Chad Craddock
(Orange County, CA)

I am 24 years old living in Orange County California. I've been getting possessed since I found god when I was 15, 9 years ago. I have been spiritually battling my faith. I have a lot of possession experiences, talking in multiple voices, acting inhumane, staring at walls, eating spiders etc.

Probably one of the most memorable experiences was when I was having an exorcism performed by a youth pastor at my church and as soon as they started praying I said some words in some language and twisted my neck which put me in the hospital for several weeks as well as out-patient psycho-therapy. Ever since then I refuse any exorcism of any kind and I do as I'm told from the voices in my head.

I recently hung myself and was seconds from death knocked unconscious from the fall my dad saved me when he heard the ladder fall. Demons are real and they want to destroy your life. You might have a good week or even a good year with them, but with darkness comes lies, and after you get what you want the demon will get what it wants, which is to ruin your life.

I have now lost my job, my wife, and my sanity. I go in and out of mental hospitals (5150's) because of this. For years I wanted to believe it was all in my head, but no matter how hard I try I still experience supernatural moments. I highly recommend anyone reading this to not believe a word anyone says until you experience it for yourself.

Using candles, chants or any kind of instrument does nothing - that is for the physical world only. Demons are spiritual, you need to close your eyes maybe listen to satanic music I recommend cradle of filth - Carmella's mask. Music has always been a way into the spiritual world. Hence going to church to worship, most worship through music. So whatever music that will attract darkness is what you want and you want to have an open mind, close your eyes and just speak out loud or in your head to whom which you want, nothing physically will happen, it takes time, it's like a virus in your body that will eventually get worse. You will know when you have demons living inside you when you start acting completely opposite from your normal self.

So if that's what you want, well be my guest. But this shit is real. And I come from an atheist family. True satanic worshipers end up dead before the age of 30 or in prison because demons will always whisper death into your ears. Love does not exist in the realm of hell. God is love and Satan is the angel of lies and deceit. If you love anything in life you will lose this when becoming at your full possession.

Anyways hope this helps for anyone who doesn't understand the truth of the spirit.

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