Black-Eyed Vampire?

by Carol

* This story is from a letter sent to me from a reader named Carol, reprinted here with her permission.

* * * * *

My first encounter with this being happened when I was about 8 or 9 years of age. I'm 31 now. I used to live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in Shelton, CT with both my parents and my 3 siblings.

I remember it was night time. I went to my bedroom which I shared with my younger sister. As you enter my bedroom the first thing you see is a window.

I remember looking at the window from where I was standing. There was a man with black hair that was floating outside my window. My sister saw this as well.

The being placed his hands on the outside of the window and he had a strange smile with fangs on his face. I heard him say in my head "Let me in" over and over again. My sister and I just stared. We can't remember what happened after that.

The second encounter that I had with this being was through a dream. I always write my dreams down. This particular dream occurred Tuesday January 9 2007 in the wee morning hours.

I dreamt that my mother and other members of her church were looking and pointing at this strange bird that landed on a tree.

The very large bird opened its wings and spread them wide open. Everyone stood in awe. The bird had large white wings with blue ruffles on the ends.

In this dream I was in a room that was a few stories above the ground. I wanted to see what the commotion was outside so I opened my window.

All of a sudden the creature flew from the tree and came inside my room through the window. He had black hair. He looked human but I knew he was some kind of vampiric creature. I noticed two strange hole markings on his neck.

In my dream I knew he wanted me to come with him. It's like he wanted me for himself. Like he was trying to seduce me. I woke up soon after that.

The following is the other encounter I had with this being. It happened on Friday, September 9 2007. It happened around 4:45 in the morning.

I had woken up for some unknown reason. I was trying to fall back asleep. All of a sudden I felt like I entered a trance of some sort. I saw myself going to my window. When I looked outside I saw a strange man walking in my driveway. He had black hair and black clothes on. As soon as he saw me he sort of "flew" towards my window and floated there.

He asked me to let him in. I looked over to where my husband was sleeping and then I looked towards the being. I was curious. I opened the window just a tiny crack when he quickly grabbed my hand. I remembered how his hands had long finger nails.

When he grabbed my hand he told me how he had something for me and that he would place it outside in a small jewelry box. He said it was a necklace that had a round and orange colored stoned as the pendant.

All of a sudden the being was in my room. He took his hand and reached down to grab my hand from where I was laying in bed and literally pulled me out of my body!!! I felt strange vibrations all over my body. I saw myself hovering over my body with him. We were both floating in the air.

He was trying to caress me with kisses. We were dancing in this strange place. I knew that he was some kind of dark being. I felt like he was vampirish somehow. He told me that we must dance the dance of death. I can't remember anything after that.

I don't know who this being is. I've had had other encounters with him but they are just too weird to even describe. Sometimes I feel that it's my mind playing tricks on me.

I feel so compelled towards him. Like there's something about him. And the other encounters that I've had with him in my dreams he revealed some weird information. When I asked him what he does he answered "I roam. It's both a blessing and a curse." He also told me that he's not going to hurt me. If he wanted to he would have done that long ago.

I know he's some kind of vampire creature. I don't know what he wants with me. I cannot shake his eyes. They are all black with no white in them whatsoever! I have been reading a lot about the Black eyed people and how people become terrified of them, like fear overtakes them. I'm not afraid of him. I'm just curious and strangely allured to him. Don't know why.

And now he comes to me all the time. He just appears in my house. He talks to me in my head. He tells me that it's time I knew the truth. That it's time I remember who I am. And then he says that whether I like it or not that I am one of them. What the f--- does he mean by that?

He tries to seduce me all the time. When I'm alone in the house he comes and embraces me from behind, kisses my neck and then plants seductive images in my head. What the hell is going on?

I don't feel any evil whatsoever coming from him. When he appears or when he talks to me in my head I feel that I'm just seeing things. I try to tell him that I'm not like him and we end up having a conversation about it.

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Jul 18, 2014
Love NEW
by: xXFoxyXx

What I think is happening here is a soul that is roaming the earth that soul hasn't achieved a goal in this world maybe he had a loved one that he lostop and is still finding him/her and maybe that loved one looked like you well that's my opinon

Jul 18, 2014
Love NEW
by: xXFoxyXx

What I think is happening here is a soul that is roaming the earth that soul hasn't achieved a goal in this world maybe he had a loved one that he lostop and is still finding him/her and maybe that loved one looked like you well that's my opinon

Jul 17, 2014
The Dead NEW
by: Kay9

I think your a medium. You can see spirits and their naturally lured to you. I think you might be an incarnation of someone he loved a lot. His inability to pass on is connected to you. Look up what a medium is and what they do. If you still don't understand watch this anime called Bleach it explains it really well. And I know that I'm just 16 but supernatural is what I deal with. I don't have the Black-Eyed beings problem but I'm constantly bugged with 'things' around me. And I can't explain those 'things' and why they want me. But I want to tell you to be SAFE!!!

Jul 04, 2014
by: Jason

Why would you be foolish enough to open the window? That being you foolishly let in is evil. Satan comes as an angel of light. You need to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and cast that devil out.Also stop being easily deceived by opening strange creatures in.Have people pray for you.

Jul 02, 2014
i know what u mean
by: understander

i havent met any black-eyed people but i have had dreams of werewolves and other mythical creatures. most of those i have told have said they were just dreams snd nothing more than that. i know they werent dreams they were visions of the days to come. i know that if i met a black-eyed person and i didnt feel afraid i would think to trust them at first if they didnt hurt me at first sight. but if they came back and told me i was one of them i would be scared then but hey im only 13 when i put this up so i know there is more to come. thats all i can say about this and i support ur disions about what to do with him.
thats all i can say about this. thanks for ur time, and carol i can understand where u are comming from.

Jun 13, 2014
I won't insult you or focus on the Black Eye part of it
by: Kiri

I don't think she likes it guys. She says he "tries" to seduce her and kiss her when she is alone or even when she was in her husband's presence. She also uses language that implies he is forcefully doing this. Not in a violent way but against her will.

She appears frustrated that this thing has been messing with her since she was a kid and is trying to force her to be something she isn't and even tries to molest her to an extent. This isn't twilight bullshit. Whether its real or not it's not funny.

I have no clue what it is but I just got to say two things. If you have no fear remind him that as much as possible, it may lose whatever sense of power it has over you.

Jun 13, 2014
one of two things r at work here
by: Anonymous

If u want this to stop do this mention the name of Jesus if it recoils in fear go find ur self a church that believes in casting out demons and speak with the pastor. If not seek med attention, thjs can be one of two things 1. Real demonic activity easy to deal with 2. A mental health issue thats outta my realm. Whichever works go with God

Jun 11, 2014
Eyeless Jack
by: Anonymous

Maybe Eyeless Jack is a black eyed being.I just thought that this thought could help finding out a bit about black eyed people.

Jun 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

my country has the legend of the "zburator", which roughly translates to "the flyer". the flyer is a mysterious, beautiful, alluring dark creature who visits the rooms of young (virgin) females with the intention of seducing and then taking them. sounded strangely familiar to your story.

Jun 04, 2014
the black eyed childrens
by: soham

I want to say that the black eyed childrens are aliens and some aliens have send them on our earth.
The aliens can change in any living things body and they are black eyed that makes there identity of alien because while changing into a human being some part of there body will remain the same. So they are black eyed . I don't know why are they coming on our earth but we can guess-

1- they are coming to take human beings place in future
2- they will take us into a new and beautiful world
3- they are the criminals of the alien planet and as there punishment they are send to earth.
4- the aliens want to know some thing about us but they cannot come forward so they are sending spyies on our earth to spy us .
....... and so on. Now you can comment if you have any guess

May 30, 2014
they are
by: Anonymous

they are not satans I am from Islamic republic of Iran and I know everything about theme.Satan was djinn and he become an angel with training in the heavens.they didn't have war In heavens.they had war with demons called nasnas.they were all killed by angels.but only one was alive that was a child named eblis( Satan)but when humans were born from ash god ordered all to bow to human.but eblis didn't.and god ordered satan out of heaven and never come back. so he swear that he will make humans suffer in hell after they died because of bad things that they ''will'' do.

May 25, 2014
I know
by: Anonymous

Please contact me, I know what you are talking about.
They have also contacted me and told me I was one of them.
They are attracted to people of light, they feed from us since they don't have light of their own. Our light is what gives them power and keeps them alive. It's very tormenting!!
Contact me at

May 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

i think that they may be Satans dark army. after loosing the war in heaven they were cast out of heaven and down to earth. they have been here the whole time we have.
refered to as the great deceivers, their sole purpose is to destroy humanity and take the earth for themselves. Satan is not ruling over a mythical dark underworld he is here. doing everything posible to help us kill ourselves. they are entrenched in every major religion and government... whispering..ploting...decieving.
they are at war. still they can be killed. and they do die... but i think that their life force or spirit is so strong that they are reborn from the cosmic ooz whole again. while they have no memory of their past life could they be recognized by thier surviving imortal friends? could they be trying to bring u back to the fold?
the problem is Christ gave his life for u and u have a soul. but maybe if u let them in.. give up your soul... signing an evil pact or a toothy carnal kiss.. it is all the same. u have the choice. it is yours to make.
this is the oldest battle in the history of the universe and u are in some how a part of it. tell him to leave and pray. ask what it means. be open and ready to recieve the sings they will come.
i am not saying u are reincarnated dark angel. maybe u are to play a role for good and he is there to try and deceive u.

Apr 21, 2014
Next best seller
by: Anonymous

Someone needs to turn this into the next paranormal romance tweeny novel and put Stephenie Meyer in the dirt.

Apr 18, 2014
Thats just ridiculous
by: Anonymous

This story is so unbelieveable. Its so far fetched. Have you told your husband about this thing? If not, you like it. Did you find a gift for you outside? This sounds like you may have alot of time on your hands and fill it with over-the-top vampire fantasies. Let me guess. You love Twilight series and maybe even vampire erotica. There are people out there that have actual experiences with BEKs. Believeable accounts. Why muddy this up with your self-indulgent lies? Write a journal. Get a hobby.

Mar 20, 2014
Lil miss hellsfears
by: Anonymous

You should be careful dabbling in things you know nothing about. I guarantee that what you summon won't be good!! You should be playing with dolls not summoning demons. Once you open that door it's hard to close!!

Mar 09, 2014
I Never Seen One
by: Anonymous

I have always seen weird things paranormal things ect. but i never seen a people w/ black eyed but I do saw a people w/ all black suit and suddenly disappear but whenever I saw something I could'nt explain I always run going back from where i came from.. XD

As a child I saw everything that couldnt believe by the people around me at last when I'm ten years old a witch or what they called a quack doctor land at our place to heal my grandmother sister that couldnt walk even an orthopedics said that it can't be heal but the quack doctor said that her husband cut down a tree in which someone live in it and they curse her(he heal my sister grandma what he does IDK) but when he sees me he said "Why is your third eye open?"

I just said IDK and ask what I always saw (well fyi I already saw a Dwarf,Tikbalang,witch and the spirit of my dead neighbors unfortunately she is also my godmother)no one believes me but the quack doctor said automatically that he will close it. He said some oracion then I don't see anything strange again but my feelings of them near me grows stronger and sometime I can see them.

But I always remember that whenever I'm in great danger they always pop-out to help me esp. the tikbalang who save me from drowning (well i can't swim and I always drown in every pool and sea i'm going so Im afraid of summer outing :(. The dwarf that throwing white roses petal when I'm lonely and a witch who plays game w/ my enemy.

Believe or not.............

Mar 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

i believe you have encountered what is called a dark traveler while not violent they can be dangerous if physically provoked i ran across one a few years back myself if you want them to leave you alone you have to be very stern with them and tell them that you don't want them around you or your family. that being said you should avoid rudeness lest they take that as hostility they can be dangerous if they feel threatened in any way.
i hope this helps you in some way, i wish you the best of luck.

Mar 08, 2014
stop bragging and think yourself lucky!
by: Rajin Djinn

I am curious: was your letter to ask for help or rub it the rest of our faces that you have a supernatural Boyfriend as well as a husband?! :) Any way the person who commented that he appears as something you Identify with has a point! And I have one word for all of you: DJINN :)

Feb 28, 2014
The bird
by: Ace

You keep on saying that it/he is a man with black eyes &black hair..., well, you also said it was a weird bird thing, birds symbolize reedom, power, messengers or carriers, transcendence, death, war, wisdom, life and death, and deities, just don't only think of him as the human thing, think of him as both.

Feb 28, 2014
by: L.K.B

I met a being with black eyes when i was 5. at the time i was in need of help, from a bad family life. after talking to this man, his eyes black, hair black, and wearing dark colored clothes, i had agreed to his offer to help me. he dwells within me, and has become my best friend. he never gave me his name, i had to name him.

Feb 14, 2014
I believe...
by: Anonymous

I've had dreams when I was a teenager about a guy that would enter my room through my window. He would seduce me too. It freaked me out reading your story!!

Feb 11, 2014
I'll assume you tell the truth.
by: Satan

I need to ask you something about this. Do you have a vampire fetish? I'm not trying to demean you here, but I need to ask because I have found that demons tend to take on different forms for different people. For some, they pretend to be loved ones, for others they act as angels. In your case, you see this one as a black eyed vampire. Maybe because you're into vamps the demon shows up as one.

Now why does it say that you are one of them? Because you are. This demon is coming to you to tell you that you are the reincarnation of one of these things. These spirits are essentially what happens to a soul in the next world. Some are good, some are evil, but all are changed.

I think you've denied this part of yourself, and until you accept that, this will continue.

Jan 26, 2014
Still a better love story than Twilight...
by: Anonymous

Still a better love story than Twilight...

Jan 25, 2014
Pretty sure it's demons
by: Anonymous

Demons is all I can see these things being. Needs an invitation to enter a house just like a demon does.

Jan 02, 2014
A Neutral Race
by: Roi

I have had stories that this might be some children of the nephilim, for want of a better word, that might have been trying to possess you. I say 'try' because I can't believe that something like that appears and reappears over a long period of time, and yet you still retain consciousness.
Allow me to explain, nephilim, according to some sources are the children of the 'sons of God' and the 'daughters of Man', half-angels and half-humans; some other sources say that they are the offspring of angelic and demonic beings. However, I believe that this being is entirely different from those two; I believe that they are an entirely different 'race'. Beings of a lesser power than humans, those who straddle the world of the living and the un-living (it's quite wrong to say undead, because -we- are the literal un-dead).
According to your account, this one acted quite human, thought its initial docility should not be taken as a sign of harmlessness, so we can rule out demons (which will take your body and soul at the slightest chance) or beneficial forces (which will proclaim themselves openly, in the first place). I don't think that you can successfully erase that thing from your existence now, but I sure do wish you luck trying. No one I know of has ever really broken away from such a relationship, if you will.
I can say one thing though, any relationship from a being from the earth is not recommended: they have their own place, and if they are wandering about -our- place, then, they surely are not welcome in their own plane--outcasts, and possibly dangerous pariahs.

Dec 29, 2013
This is weird..
by: Anonymous

After reading this story it gives me sort of chills.. Because throughout my life I had nightmares of a man with black eyes and wings coming to see me asking me to let him in and saying he'll take me. I would wake up screaming for my parents for years but it stopped after a while. And when I was around 16 years old, and we just moved (which was also in CT, which made me feel even more odd..) we had a bay window and it was the first December in this new house so we did all the lights up for Christmas and I was sleeping on my couch and I woke up feeling a little light headed, I rubbed my eyes and when I looked up at the window I saw a man standing there smiling at me whispering to open up. I didn't run or scream I just slid off my couch and crawled up the stairs into my room.. I've had this happen a few more times, seeing a man in the shadows at night, on top of roofs and etc. My mom claims it's me being paranoid but now.. I don't know and I do feel scared. Very scared.. I'm not sure what he is. He sometimes has fangs and other times he doesn't but his eyes also change from black to red so I don't think it's the same type of people.

Dec 23, 2013
would you like him to leave you alone?
by: Anonymous

would you like the black eyed vampire to leave you alone? if so id start researching ways to drive him away or banish him sounds more like a demon than a vampire to me id be careful

Dec 22, 2013
story hard to believe
by: The Other Anonymous

I have a hard time believing this story. It's so far fetched, paranormal is one thing, but this pseudo paranormal romance because of family ties to paranormal beings is just weird. Carol claims any hint that it is a fantasy she indulges in because she is unfulfilled in her intimate life with her husband is almost a personal insult to her, but she sounds more interested in some weird looking inhuman thing that basically stalks her and seduces her on a regular basis. You would think she would have some thought of her human husband if he means anything to her, but she is so enthralled with this awesome creepy creature! Not much sense here. Any story that says anywhere "I know you won't believe this" is usually right about one thing - so far fetched that it can't be believed. If phenomena such as BEB's are real, stories like this make a joke out of them. The fact that people are so willing to believe every story about the paranormal, no matter how ridiculous, cheapens the whole thing as well. I love all the conflicting theories though. Interesting to read what people are so sure is going on. Certain things make sense and ring true when reading paranormal stories. Some seem true, others seem the product of an overactive imagination, with a love for drama and attention. Generally those are referred to as fiction, sometimes people insist "this is really true and really happened." But not.

Dec 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

If these are the experiences that you are having then I can tell you that you are indeed being plagued by a demon. Many people will say that demons always generate a sense of fear in the individual that they are attempting to feed off of. However, it is more based on the individual involved more often than not where fear is concerned. Vampire mythology is actually based more on spiritual experiences people have with the hellish realm. The concept of seduction is common and is one of the tools that the demonic realm uses in order to target the person in question. Often the demonic realm will operate on attempting keep a person distracted I was an atheist until I reached my early thirties. What I’m writing to you now is based on my own experiences. I become the victim of what I now know to be demonic attack, which I’m sure I invited in part due to my lifestyle at the time. I never saw a dark eyed being but I’ve encountered plenty of demonic forces to include an attempt by them at bodily invasion at the time. Many forms of seductions from those of sensuality to that of power were offered to me in exchange for my cooperation. There was not always a sense of foreboding with these events. Often their offers gave me a since of empowerment and not fear. I began to give in on many occasions. During those times I had many dreams that were other worldly and seemed completely real. I believed I was suffering from mental illness and assumed I was experiencing some type of psychosis. These were all nearly impossible subjects for my atheist mind to process. I attempted to find medical explanations for these events. I spoke with doctors who told me that my condition was due to anxiety and stress. I took medications but nothing ever really worked. Finally after years of struggle and the study of various religions I gave my life to Jesus Christ and he rescued me from the worst of these spiritual plagues. One thing is for certain though, demons don’t want us a friends, they want us a spiritual and emotional food. They are weak in many ways and need to be gratified . Satan wants to turn God’s children away from the Lord and in doing so, use them for his own gratification. He’s like a drug addict who doubles as a rapist. Before I came to Christ I had abandoned my atheism and tried many spiritual paths in a quest to be rid of my demonic tormentors. In the end it was Jesus who cared enough to save me. Make sure that you pray and do it with trust. The Lord Jesus will deliver you from this affliction. Make certain that you don’t believe the demon’s lies. They always want more from you than they will ever give. The demon’s offer of companionship or even power is really one of slavery instead. In the end you have the power to either feed it or starve it. But the power to over come it will only come form Jesus Christ and often after much prayer and fasting.

Nov 12, 2013
maby someone can shed some lighr
by: Anonymous

when I was younger when ever I had a long car ride(if it was more then 2 or 3 hours long) I would get the feeling that something was following me but then being young I would just shake it off and turn it into a game. but this happened repetitively at random. or I thought until reading this. I then realised (because I've traveled a lot mostly on a boat) that it can't cross water wich reminds me of a bit of a vampire but it was normally daytime so it doesn't fit. but last time it happened I was about 12,13 and we drove from England to Portugal and then left by boat. but the same thing hapend twice beforehand when I took a boat from england to Spain where I lived for a bit then I came back and it started again. so I think its now in Portugal but I have no clue what "it" might be if you think you know or have an idea please email

Nov 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have been questioning the black eye and trying to make sense of my experience several years ago. I work in a lounge which was an add on to a motel and cafe which was built in early 50's. A neighborhood favorite place. For years, the owner has had regular hunters who would stay at the motel during deer season. It was the night before opening day, when a group of hunters that I had never seen,sat down at the bar. Very pleasant and normal looking, but one stood out. Almost instantly drawn to him. Blonde and the prettiest blue eyes. Shy, yet stern when looking at you. All of them were quit young; late twenties, early thirties, Only one eldest and he was like the keeper. We chatted; no fear or sense of danger, just a energy pull toward the only blonde. I was done early that night and was meeting up with a friend and a couple of the regular hunter. We went to a pub that features different bands every Friday and Saturday night. Ordered drinks and found a table. My girlfriend nudged me quietly and said, "don't look now, but that blonde is at the bar with that eldest man and he is intensely starring at you and has been for the last 10 minutes." It was flattering, but for the first time, got a chill as if he knew what I was thinking. I turned and looked a few minutes later, he was still starring, but this time in my eyes. After I turned my head back around, my friend said they got up and just walked out. As the night went on, we decided to hit another favorite hot spot. Walked in, ordered drinks and sat at a table close to dance floor. Not even a few minutes later, my girlfriend quietly taps me and says, "you wont believe who is at the bar. They weren't there a minute ago." And I knew that as well because we just ordered drinks. I waited about a minute before turning and there he was starring straight in my eyes. But this time, felt energy of fire to go up and say something to him. I got up, walked right over and started to ask how his night was going. Mind you, he didn't look at me the entire time I walked over, until he had his first answer. He turned to me and his eyes were like dark brown, almost black. I took a huge sigh of shock, and blurted out, "your eyes just went dark!" He looked me in the eyes and quietly said, "so did yours." A rush of heat just went through my entire body of wanting and not so much afraid, but questioning as to what was happening. He sat and starred straight in my eyes for a few minutes,no words exchanged and then got up and walked away. And at that time, the eldest came back, as if on que and sat. Looked at me with a smile and said, "have a good evening." All my mouth allowed me was, "you too." I walked back to my group and turned around quick to look and the eldest was gone. No more encounters the rest of evening. I still work at the same lounge and never saw them again. To this day, I cant get that out of my head. Vampire? I think of folklore and stories, but yet believe in evil.

Nov 03, 2013
by: NM

Well it's been a while since my last posting on here. Two years in fact. I've had other encounters with the strange guy, I still don't know his name. I still have the dreams with the woman and the training.

The sense of a draw to something is more intense. I'm not sure out to explain it. I'm drawn to music, religion, culture. Different myths and legends, I research.

And yes, he is still part of my life, but I get frustrated when I do see him. He never gives me a straight answer. I've discovered more about myself and more about my family.

What I can say though, is I don't care what you believe, until you actually go through something you can't explain don't talk shit. It's not fun, it's not exciting, it's scary! You feel as though your losing your mind.

Not everything is explainable, not everything is part of this world and sometimes you aren't either and they're just the messenger.

Oct 27, 2013
I know this.
by: Black Veil Brides

This man can be from any of your past lives(I really do not care if you believe that or not). He, or you, could have been your/his lover or relative, or close friend. It's only natural he's come back.

Oct 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have heard the same story in two books,so as for whom ever puts these stories up here,whom are you to say whats true or not,lesson learnd,never post your experience on the internet all people do is criticize and decide for you what you have really seen apperantly,lol,wow bunch of hypocrites.

Oct 05, 2013
head problems
by: Anonymous

that woman has some serious problems with her head. perhaps its of sexual nature she dreams of a man

Sep 15, 2013
by: Anon

I have recently been doing a lot of reader on the black eyed people, but this is far different from the rest I have read who have had encounters with them. He does not sound like a black eyed being, he sounds like a vampire, which are also one of satan's creations. To me it sounds like in your past life (we all have one, whether you choose to believe it or not) you must have been this mans lover. In your past you could have been on of them, and you could have been taken away from him by anything therefore he found you again and that's why he is pursuing to come around you because he has found you. If you want this to stop you should start saying your prayers every morning and night. You have a very powerful gift and I hope you realize that. Don't be afraid of your gift's either, because a lot of people actually have them, but some just don't know and are afraid of them and bury them away pretending they're not there.

Sep 12, 2013
i am not black eyed
by: Anonymous

i think i am one of those black eyed people, when i sleep i get up and go to peoples houses, i go in and observe them , then just to check myself, i ask them the next day , what they did last night, checks out every time, so , i can watch television about something, and that night, i can go to their house and watch them and listen, and i know what is really going on, been doing this since i was a kid

Sep 07, 2013
We r one
by: Jennifer Dozier/Beauchamp

Thats is odd i have the same thing going on but he want show him self to me!! he just watches me and is in my dreams!! his telling me to find him but i dont know how!! i want to find him!! maybe he can answer all my questions like why i dont feel right in this life!! like im supposed to do somethng or be something!!

Aug 20, 2013
This Is Soo Cool
by: Mary

Wow, this is cool I've always wanted to make contact with someone of this nature, So if you know how to make contact, anyone with more Info or if there are any of "you" are reading this contactar me. :)

Aug 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

I dreamed of a black-eyed man. He has dark, curly hair past his shoulders. It was the most real dream I've ever had. Honestly, our stories sounds similar, except for the longevity. He never asked to come in, contrary to all the other stories... one day he just showed up. He kept being an anonymous character in my dreams... until I started dating seriously and that's when he showed his face. I'm 23 now and he started being more active when I was 17-18. He always tells me 'shh.' He calls himself a monster. I've been telepathic since I was 15... I didn't know until I was 18. I believe they are extradimensional... he spoke outloud twice. My friend was there the second time. The thing that caught my eye was the part where he said, 'I roam, it's a blessing and a curse'. It sounds familiar.

Aug 07, 2013
by: Michelle

OK,the asshats who keep saying we need mental help,or the pple trying to "undemonize" us all, Go fuck yourself,because you do not know what you are talking about. I am an SEB,and I have had many encounters with the B.E.P.(Black eyed people) and No, it has NOTHING to do with twilight.For those who ar willing to be legit and REAL about this(instead of saying we're crazy) Feel free to contact me,I could help out with any info.

Jul 28, 2013
your story
by: Miranda

Hi, I was recently researching about black eyed people. The reason of my researching is because I had a dream of possession and it took me too black eyed people. To actually read your story. It wow's me, that someone is actually telling there story and there are no holdbacks. As I was reading your story. I had fear and goose bumps.
As I was coming to the end of your story. You, said where he still comes back to you and tells you things. I believe, that he knew you. And what I mean is that he knew that you would let him in and that you wouldn't be scared. He wouldn't have never came to you if you were going to be jumpy. Also, when you said that he said your apart of them. In that saying I believe he means no matter what, you are going to be up under his wing.
I don't know if you believe in curses or not but I believe you were cursed when you born or they just CHOOSE YOU. TO BE ON OF THEM. that's just my opinion.
I would say read the bible or something but this sounds serious. If you did try the bible they may not want you to read it.
I would love to know more information
contact me at

Jul 27, 2013
Oh my glob
by: Kayla

0.o That is amazing! I am high (metaphorically) on this passage right now. I just stared reading about the black eyed beings and I instantaneously thought of Vampires (I'm a weird chick). I am 16 and have been obsessed with mythological beings since I learned how to read. I have read so many mythological stories from countless countries and have yet to come across a mentioning of anything in this nature...until now. I find it a little unusual that he (the man you have been encountering) sought you out. You must be of great importance to him *^^* I just have one question, would you say he looked similar to Jiro Mochizuki from Black Blood Brothers? [Its not a very important question, just morbidly curious ^^

random Otaku (anime nerd)

P.S. i know it's dangerous to give out my email randomly *^^*

Jul 22, 2013
by: L.A.Knight

I've recently begun looking information up on black-eyed people and your story has so far been the most intriguing. I'm a writer and find what you've posted to have been the most helpful as all other in counters I've read have been more sinister in nature. The idea of these beings not being completely evil defiantly makes me want to find out more.
Thank you for sharing your story.

Jul 21, 2013
by: Aura

I would say, listen to your instincts. If you don't feel or sense anything threatening or dangerous about this being then maybe it's okay. although sometimes they can act nice towards you while keeping their true nature hidden. So if you notice anything threatening or feel threatened, put up wards around the house, on the doors and windows

Jul 19, 2013
by: DerpyHooves

When I read the story I was like WOW!!!! Even though I'm just 10 I'm just like crazy over paranormal and stuff like this. If u have time would you send me a letter describing the other encounter you had with him.

Jul 08, 2013
I believe you
by: Alice

I haven't read all of the comments but I know that there are some that are really good when it comes to their knowledge of this. I don't believe you have anything to be afraid of and when it comes to the Black-Eyed-One that has become attached to you it may be that he has known you in a past life or is connected to you spiritually by a higher power. Although others may say not to listen to him and tell him to leave, you shouldn't unless you have a feeling he needs to go somewhere else. Also if he says he won't hurt you and you feel no hostility from him it should be fine to give him some trust but watch your surroundings and the people around you. When I was younger I had an "imaginary friend" named Rose. I can't quite remember her since I was real young at the time but I know that although she was nice to me she was torturing my mom. After Rose had caused such havoc my mom told me to make her leave and never return and I told Rose just that. I haven't seen her since. I'm not trying to make you scared or anything like that but I just want you and your friends and family to be safe so pay attention to those around you and keep asking questions. Questions may lead to more questions but you've gotta find an answer to the reason he's there at some point.
Good luck!

Jun 21, 2013
by: A.F

Wow your story is just wow!I'm just 12 but even though my age I really love paranormal stuff sine I was about six.YOur story has to be the weirdest and coolest of all the ones I read and trust me I've read a lot of crazy stuff as much as expirinced a few!So no worrys I'm with you!

Jun 21, 2013
Idea to think of
by: Anonymous

Have you asked him about his age? Or how he gets around? It's best to keep asking questions about anything. I think his just looking for someone to talk to and love. I would just pretend his human and talk to him as one. It's best to found more information about the Black Eyes People. Try asking Natives, elderly ones about them. They would know some legends about them. Other an that, if not there it hurt you, it's best to keep seeing and asking more questions.

Jun 17, 2013
girl listen real quick
by: your mom

ALRIGHT HONEY LET ME TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. YOU NEED TO LOCK YOURSELF IN THE BATHROOM. SIT IN A CORNER. OKAY. and the psych ward will be there to pick you up in a couple hours okay bye sweetie have fun make good choices you crazy lunatic

May 29, 2013
Your Light
by: Whatupthough

These beings are attracted to your light and apparently they need your light in order to feel good about their view of their existence. Its not your place to feed these creatures in any way shape or form. Where light is, darkness follows to become illuminated. Just tell them you have no interest in what they may be offering.

May 12, 2013
To auther of story an to the one called Your brother.
by: Gracie Maria Lynn Dark

For first starters, I believe your story Miss. An you should seriously be careful. Not everything or everybody is what they say they are. Secondly the one who says your brother, he is in fact your relative. He did not tell a single lie in what he tells you.) (An to your brother, email me sometime at I find true interest in what you told her. An in a weird way on the treaty an some names listed, I feel a knowing or familiarities. I am curious to learn more about you, an have curiousness as if you are from the same court as me. Are one related to in ties.)

May 11, 2013
Old souls
by: Anonymous

These are old souls from lives past. A contract had been drawn and that's why they come to you. They are not here to cause harm and the way in which they interact is at times a little frightening. Some of these are guardians or guides if you like and simply help us or grant us things we have asked to experience within this life's journey. They cannot take our soul because the sole resides elsewhere and we are but a mere fragment of our true soul. They are from other worlds/dementions that co-exist with our own. At times the energy they give off feels awkward to us because it is foreign to our human form. These are ones we have known for quite some time, long before our birth into this life and so they play a role in our life's bringing us to an awareness of our journey as we go. Some call them Demons while others call them angels but they are many things and take on many forms shifting between our worlds or dementions if you like. If you have one of these in your life you are able to get it to leave by asking those on the higher planes to have them return to where they came. You may however chose to make enquirey as to it's intent or purpose and what part it has to play in your journey. Just because something is black doesn't mean it is so called "Evil" but rather it is simply of the opposing polarities of negative verses positive, masculine verses feminine and this does not mean it is bad. They are usually there because they are meant to be it is up to you to send them back or acknowledge them to begin the process learning your path's lesson. You are the student and they are the teachers.

Apr 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

My aunt had told me about these black eyed beings and decided to google about them. I came across this story and honestly it frightens me. I do believe in your story and don't think that you are crazy. It is hard to say what he wants or what his intentions are but I would not give in. Be strong!

Apr 28, 2013
Black eyes, but not a vampire?
by: Madison

I have a friend, she had a dream. The dream was about her sister, her sister had eyes that were black just like the guy you described. Well her sister was chasing her and her mom, suddenly her mom turned around and threw into into her sisters eyes, that stopped the sister. My friend, her sister, and I all have vampire past lives that were connected though. So perhaps this creature is like my friends sister somehow?

Apr 25, 2013
I know this stuff!
by: Titan Werewolf guy

Sup yeah i'm lycanthrope don't be hatin' ANYWAYS just go with the flow I can't help with my stuff but at least I deal with it (that sounded wrong) I think like demons sometimes when on the full moon need any adice comment on here and ask PEACE OUT SUCKAS! XD

Apr 25, 2013
Saying yes
by: Anonymous

A friend of mine who lived in an apartment had an encounter with one and it was a little kid. She told me she heard someone knocking and looked out the peep hole to see a little kid but she didn't see his eyes. She said he asked to be let in but something in her told her not to open the door. She was hesitating and the thing kept asking and eventually started throwing a tantrum about being let in. After a while she ignored her feelings and said yes and opened the door. He jumped on her, scratching her with long nails. She tried to get him off but he was really strong. Luckily, her dog caught him by surprise and he left. Not sure if its the same thing though.

Apr 24, 2013
Not the only one
by: Christina Carter (11)

Hey I don't know if I saw these things before but I think they are real people just different species. Even though I am still young and in middle School I still have things to learn. I came here for research and it was interesting. I think I saw someone with black eyes and dark hair he asked me can he come in but the weird part was he was outside my window I almost had the same experience but not the weird parts. Instead he always asked me to dance. But did not tell me the name of it this is all I remember. But a year ago a teenage boy was at the bus stop and me and my mother drove passed he said can you give me a ride as fast as he could but no was the answer then we both just stared at each other until I could not see him anymore. This is not fake this is a true story.

Apr 18, 2013
by: Faline

i just recently heard of the Black eyed children and well they indeed resemble vampiric like ,i also heard they were similar to fairies . You must of seen something that intrigued you to the extent of having dreams. I myself seen weird things that are very complicated to explain ,I've also relive those moments in my dreams. Some are vivid like im truly there and others are a tad blurry as in shadows. I guess the moment you saw that strange man is when he appealed to your interest .You were so curious ,naive and star struck by this being you started to have fantasies . To be honest i would react the same way , curiosity would get the best of me but as they say curiosity killed the cat.

Apr 05, 2013
by: Anonymous


Mar 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

Why dont you have sex with him and maybe he'll go away?

Mar 25, 2013
Family History
by: Anonymous


It sounds to me like your dealing with a family doorway that allows this "being" to come to you because you inherited him. It is definitely not in your head and you are not going crazy. Also note this could be a spiritual inheritance that skipped generations before you but somehow, He has entered into you, in your mind and soul almost possessing it. Not sure what grounds he has in your life and since you said you were in church. What I am about to say may sound weird and I would have thought so too myself if I hadnt experienced supernatural encounters that I couldnt explain. I just want to ask you this, if He comes again, try saying THe Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you or the blood of Jesus cover me and see if you get a reaction. I have had encounters but not necessarily with black eyed beings however, the way I was able to tell if it was hostile or friendly is by saying the name of Jesus Christ out loud and believing it or calling him to my aide. When I did this, it either showed its true form or left me violently or angry. If you are unafraid, he could have grounds to be in your life that either was given by an ancestor or guardian of yours or subconciously willingly by yourself.

Mar 24, 2013
Higher Self
by: Daniel

Maybe he is a subconscious manifestation of your Higher/true self, or the counter balance to your soul, like the animus in psychoanalytical literature.
just something to think about. Make a journal. Write down everything that you.can remember from these special, or big dreams, and immediately take notes on everything. How did the fact that his eyes were black make you feel? What do you smell? Taste? How do these things make you feel? What do the images in these dreams and encounters mean to you?(like what do black eyes represent-not in a dream dictionary, but in your own particular mind). It could be that there are unresolved issues that your psyche demands that you pay attention to and resolve.
dreams and fantasy can often give us insight into ourselves that we didn't know that we possessed in the first place and can often demand that we pay attention to them by manifesting themselves into our physical waking worlds. I find these things very fascinating and would enjoy talking with you about them if you like my email is and my name is Daniel(Dan). I actually have similar things in which i feel that i can relate to you on some level. I have never had anything happen as you have while awake, but a black eyed creature claiming that he is me is always beckoning me to cross through a portal and to become who i really am; and that if i wait too long it will occur anyways regardless of what i wish. Kind of like a hijacking of sorts...but not because i am not really me but he. Lol.( the only thing physically is that my eyes appear black with dark.fields emanating around them in low light vision cameras-that in itself is not weird per say, but people standing next to me, their eyes don't have the same.darkness around and in them. You can still see the whites of their eys( i don't claim anything supernatural-it freaks them.out - not me. It is more of an.amusing curiousity to me. Lol).
If you.wish to talk, send me a message. If not, well, i wish you.the best, and hope that you.find the answers that you seek.

Mar 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

i believe this and sometimes i feel like im being watched.

Mar 18, 2013
We are here
by: Anonymous

We have been here since the first sunrise we will be here when the last star falls.

Mar 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

When reading this, I kept wondering why he tried to seduce you. Then it hit me. Many things, actually. 1. some creatures have this gut instinct on who their mate is, but I dismissed this one because of Incubuc encounters. 2. He may want your soul, as some reported demon encounters have said. This, I am doubting. 3. He just wishes for a 'toy' of sorts. Lots of dark creatures play with humans and their emotions. You could say as a game of sorts. I have had encounters as well, but my latest one had been almost disastrous(sp?). I am only 14 and it was holloween. Allt he streets were empty and I had 2 friends with me. I had this feeling of being watched and turned around. This teenage boy had just stood there in the center of the road, pale sickly skin and black eyes. My friends noticed him as well and he had visited me before but he seemed dangerous this time. I got my frantic friends out of there and they have been traumatized by the experiance. I feel as though he is playing with me, some sick game that he finds amusing. Think about what he does and what his intentions may be.

Mar 08, 2013
What I think this creature?
by: Anonymous

It sounds to me like an old one. A Vampire who had lived a very long time. It is most likely using it's power of persuasion on you. The ability is common for a vampire so old. They can cloud ones mind plant, thoughts, and suggestions. With this same power they can make their pray feel at ease. All the times you said you don't remember, that's probably why. My guess would be that it feed on you then gave you some of it's blood and is slowly making you like him. A vampires blood would heal all your wounds making it so there was no trace of the feeding. If what you are saying is true, note I am not doubting you. Then you need to find out what it is after. As for the pulling your soul out of your body, old ones are very power in both the physical and spectral realms. BEWARE most old ones no longer have a soul, finding that it binds them to there once mortal life, they cast it aside.

Feb 25, 2013
by: Black eye vampier

it is hard to not love this dark roaming beast it feels me curiosity evil and love to meet this being in my lifetime maybe give in to her

Feb 25, 2013
by: Black eye vampie

it is hard to not love this dark roaming beast it feels me curiosity evil and love to meet this being in my lifetime maybe give in to her

Feb 19, 2013
Mother of Lord
by: Mont

So many comments. Anyway, I feel that if this is real, then your soul has had history with him until you decided to incarnate yourself in this world, forgetting all but the experiences of this world. Be wary of this creature, even if there is a hint that he might be your true husband, as a lie or so.

Feb 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

It would seem you should seek mental help, that sounds like the plot to a bad teenage movie. No offense.

Feb 13, 2013
Time to seek help...
by: Anonymous

I think it's time to see your doctor. Auditory and visual hallucinations are a sign of a mild to severe mental disorder. The best way to banish this 'person' is to seek medical attention and get the pills and help you need.

Jan 28, 2013
random title xD
by: DarkTears9

Well from what I read it seems....well I just had it in my head but it went away...

im not gonna lie though, it kinda sounds a weird sense '~'

as i was reading this, i had seen images of a crescent moon and other stuffs, anyways it seems your alright, not everything black is bad

and I think thats it....?

Jan 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

be careful..........demonic...........evil.........
................obra del diablo........confia en mi

Jan 14, 2013
Incubus/ Succubus
by: Lexxi

For those saying that an Incubus/ Succubus is an evil spirit or a demon, I'm afraid you are very wrong. The Incubus/Succubus is a dark fae. They follow the king of the Unseelie Court. They don't attack kids or adults that have been molested or raped. They don't really attack anything for that matter. They feed off the energy that a person emits when aroused. That's why they are always so good looking and try to seduce you. They use glamour to put you at ease so it's easier to seduce you. Now I'm not saying what Carol is dealing with is that particular creature. As far as I know, they don't need permission to enter one's home.

But there is a possibility you have one Carol. If so, I highly suggest doing some research on the fae, in particular fae of the Unseelie Court. The fae of the Unseelie Court are the more dangerous ones. That's probably why that witch said he is a dark being who is after your soul. That kind of energy is tied with the soul.You must have some really tasty energy for him to be sticking around that long though... Also, don't bother asking the King of the Unseelie Court for help, or Queen Mab (of the Seelie Court). Most fae are selfish and won't do anything if it doesn't benefit them at all. If using methods to get rid of fae don't work, then you have a different kind of being.

Jan 02, 2013
always stay on the positive side
by: believe in 1 G〇D that u cant define but pray to

There are people here that think they can Simon dmonz I suggest they stop and may G〇D
help and protect them

Dec 20, 2012
Black eyes
by: Halfie

The black eyes hint demon. I have had lots of things happen in my life and have been through very dark times. Him pulling you from your body I believe is whats called astral projection. Many believe demons exsist in the astral plane and can appear to humans if they are strong enough.

Dec 17, 2012
are they against selfishness
by: faco

These black eye kids for sure they came from somewhere even dough with horryfiying fears on their eyes_i
woudnt newer want to see one,to let the people that we have become so gfeedy,so corrupted,so selfish,materialisticc and other thaIt man dont care about the god while at the same time we man ourxelves do all these evel things plus wzrs and mzny other bad things fof aech other.Thas why these kids ,ome and ask us to let them inside the house,give them a ride and these all because thdy wNa teach us zboht human ki.d and hofrify uz T the same time.

Dec 16, 2012
Re: Books
by: Jenn

I'm curious too. And also what do you mean by he's talking to you?

Dec 16, 2012
What books
by: Anonymous

I'm curious to know what kind of books you are reading about it.

Dec 16, 2012
plzz reply or just read this please
by: Anonymous

at the time i was continuing this comment i heard something it's like talking to me somehow anyways i've been reading books similar to your case the vampire friend , the husband him kissing you i dont know why but i think it's like you should accept what he tells you

Dec 05, 2012
Black Eyed People
by: Anonymous

They truly are not vampires as many people hinted to on this website but instead something very dark. I have personally ran into one at Park Place a mental hospital. Time slowed down and i could tell immediately when i walked into the room that something wasn't right so i looked from person to person till i looked at her and was overwhelmed with a feeling of emptiness like something like a void and the strength spiritual pressure was massive. I knew it was a demon without a doubt. I never turned my back on her and we exchanged looks but nothing was said ever. I went to leave and was overcome with the desire to look at her eyes I stopped and did so. He eyes went from normal and the black grew taking up all of her eye even the white. It was as if all she had was pupils for eyes. I prayed for her and turned leaving. I will never forget that day i saw that demon. They are very dangerous people and should be avoided at all cost unless you are an ordained catholic exorcist. They can exhibit extra human strength endurance and can survive more damage to their bodies than us normal un-possessed people can. Proceed with extreme caution.

Oct 17, 2012
by: jason salvatore

i would like to check how is this happening
and is there any vampires
i would like to examine you

Oct 02, 2012
too much twilight
by: Geneva

please see title

Aug 26, 2012
To Michael
by: Anonymous

Hi Michael,

Why are your feelings of dread and anger getting worse? Do you think they are coming from him? I would love to hear what more you have to say on this.

Aug 26, 2012
by: Michael

I might have an idea about what is happening to you, if you wish to hear it. My family on my mothers-side has always had a connection to the other side, the demon realm included. Your creature is definitely not a "black eye", but a higher ranking Devil. He might be from the same family, but I honestly doubt that
I believe the reason he makes you feel safe is because his face is familiar to you, perhaps from a past life. It's completely possible he is using the image of a lover from another lifetime to bring you closer, part of your soul may very well remember the face and maybe even the voice so it keeps you calm and at ease while he fills your head with his tempting words. As for him having Vampire like tendencies he could be getting that from this life I don't know you so I can't say how you feel about vampires, but if you find yourself enchanted by such creatures it might be another mask. I believe it might be within the succubus family, or maybe even a subgroup of another classification of devil. No matter what it is this devil is very clever, and even now as I write this I feel hands running along my spinal column and throat. Now that he is in your house he will be very hard to get rid of, but hold your ground and tell him to leave. Call the name of whatever god you believe in and ask for his aide. I have more to say but the feelings of dread and anger are getting worse. I'm not sure if I said this already but it's your choice to listen to my words, and I do not expect everyone to believe what I have to say. I may have only be on this earth for 22 years but I know what I have seen and what I feel.

Jul 07, 2012
A little warning
by: TheBastard

I was born a bastard and have expierenced many thingsof both light and dark. These black eyes are really only minor demons. And I mean very minor if anyone remembers in the first book of the Christian bible it speaks of the sons of god having congress with the daughters of men to create a half species of giants these rings are very much like guardian angels they are simply polar opposites that does not mean they are not dangerous however and inviting them in is a bad idea they usually have a master of a higher order of demon and are acting on orders after all a person in close proximity to evil is easier to posess or worse subjugate the black eyes keep guardians busy while their master attacks the good news is they are easily banished by commanding them in the name of the Most High God to leave often when encountered while dreaming it is also useful to conjure a weapon to throw at them they are more dangerous while in dream state but not much

Jun 26, 2012
Watch the details
by: DC

The only thing I have to coment about is that I believe you were dreaming. Solely based on your description you said you got out of bed and went to your window..right? Then when he grabbed your hand with his long finger nails he grabbed you out of bed and you floated above your body..right? How did you end up in your bed? I'm not saying strange things do not exist nor am I saying that they do but if your are going to post an occurance and expect people to believe you then you probably should watch your details.

Jun 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had a dream like this before... just once and I was strangely allured to him as well and still am to this day. I personally want the dream to continue, so as I may learn more

Jun 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Have you feel something if something going to happen.....

Jun 06, 2012
In my opinion...
by: Anonymous

I have read lots of stories about these black-eyed beings and in all of the cases they don't enter the persons house/car without permission. So for this being to grab your hand and pull himself into your house seems slighty unrealistic. And also in other cases they don't seem to "float" to peoples windows.

In my honest opinion this story seems to far-fetched to be true. Why would this being plant kisses on your neck and give you a necklace. Also "dance of death" doesn't sound very orginal or believeable.

If this is true I would get some speacialist in paranormal activities to come and check your house and to try and work out if this being is bad or good, because if this is real I have a feeling that this being is trying to tempt you to the dark side.

May 21, 2012
Very Peculiar
by: Zagron

This is quite interesting, Carol. What ever this is, whether an inner embodiment of something, an evil demon, or evil possibly a kind spirit, it interests me immensely how the "man" has acted. If any new information arises, could you contact me? moc.liamg@4926onihr
This is incredibly interesting. I wonder why this is occuring?

May 19, 2012



May 13, 2012
black eye
by: Anonymous

You should never summoned something you cant control even more if you dont know how to handle with them...but at the same time why summoned a demon, if you are a black eye, if he is within you..and you already have maybe you dont remember or you just wont admit it...but we did something in our lives and that open that door for him....

May 03, 2012
Im Only 10 But I've Encountered Things Wierd.
by: Hells Fear

Ive Encounted Sumthing Like That Except It Was Pure Evil.It Was A Shadow On The Window Sill.The Window Was Open.I was Using the bathroom.It Had A Shape Just Like My Body And It was crying.But I Just Walked To my dad.Asked Him To Look.Nothing Was There.It Haunted Me Since I Was 4.It Was On The ceiling when I was sleeping.I Saw It Move A Items Head.I Can See Ghost Since Im Young.I Study Paranormal Activity.Me And A Group Of Friends Are A Paranormal Group.Tommorow I Plan To Summon Demons.

Apr 27, 2012
very curios
by: Anonymous

I am very interested in ur story. I would love if u can. Write 2 me in my email I am still. Curios of what that person ment. Like. 2. Be. One. Of. Him. Like. What. Did. He look like. Am. So. Confuse

Apr 21, 2012
Holy Cow Person!
by: Crystal

Wooo!!DUDEEE!Hes aviosly a spirit of those Black-Eyed people,and hes trying to suduce your spirit out of your body!Hes probably using a vail to "cover"himself,to hide his bad vibe.mHe is trying to earn your respect,your trust.He can probably see the curiosity in your eyes,be carful of what you do and believe with this man-spirit....He might even just be trying to steal your soul...I dont know...That just about all I can collect in my mind at the moment,but this IS very strange,in a sense..I gotta contact you!:]

Apr 13, 2012
He was trying to tell u ur chakra.(Sorry about all thr posts Im nocturnal)
by: A Wiccan Demon Hunter

Orange is the creative chakra and I really believe hes trying to tell u to follow ur creative dreams even if they seem far fetched I dont think hes a demon,but rather a kindred spirit. I had what my brother calls my 'ghost boyfriend' whose name was Ben,IS Ben,I meant. He hangs around,especially if Joeys far away,and i need to know hes ok(Joey is the one person who feels my soul from thousands of miles away) .......where was I??o yeah!! Hes just tryin to look out for u. PS:Wiccans steriotypes arent welcome.I used to be a Jesus Person and I respect all religeons,so no mean comments please. -Katra

Apr 12, 2012
found the guys name
by: A Wiccan Demon Hunter

Sage from november first 2011 dude,can I contact u somehow?!!!

Apr 12, 2012
I have seen one,up until now I thought Runner was a demon.
by: A Wiccan Demon Hunter

I used to be a christian,and during that time,i was in a park with some friends and I saw this vampuric beautiful guy running bt,I dont recall his face tho.It was a SMALL town and mu friend knew EVERYONE so I asked who he was.I also remember having an INSANE urge to follow him,like I wld die if I didnt.But I shook myself out of it.Later on,I saw demon faces melting in the grass and felt REALLY wierd,like my stomach had ice in it.I asked my younger brother(i was 16 and he was 15) and his gf pray for me.I started shaking and dont remember anything except I was in this wierd supernatural place and I heard screaming in the distance(my brother later told me I was screaming and speaking in demonic tounges(those of u who know about the speaking of tounges know how powerful it is)and I do NOT believe in ciolence but when I felt myself back in my body,i looked at them and i apparantly racked my brother and beat them up. I also remember my demons name.DONT SAY IT CUZ HES LOOKING FOR A HOME:Blekknar. And my brother said thia wierd dude was watching them hold me down and stuff and when he described him,I KNEW it was the Runner.They said his eyes were pure white,then turned black after Blekknar ledt.I felt the Runner outside the window.Someone on here said how they feel demons and ghosts and can read peopkes energies and sometimes minds and just KNOW stuff,whoever it is,PLEASE GET A HOLD OF ME.I HAVE NEVER MET SOMEONE I CAN RELATE TO LIKE THAT.I thought I was totally alone. Thanks for reading.

Apr 10, 2012
not on drugs
by: esther

No that is going on at all.I live a normal life. Helping any in need of a major purging. You can’t call it that when there are more than at least minimum 2-20 people at a time seeing and hearing the same things. I am going to post some of my stories soon, most people today would call us (my family and not just my generations but as far as I know 4 generations that I know of at yet) empathy and hate to use this word but psychics. I have had cat scans, M.R.I's and am perfectly fine concerning my mind and body. I feel bad for those that do not have the sight because it with all its hang ups is truly a gift. My kids are going through the early stages of being haunted I guess the secular worlds calls it. and at times for them can be a scary thing and it’s hard for them but at least they have me to help them threw it I can remember it starting as far back as age of early four. And just because you don't understand it doesn’t mean you have the right to label me and put me in your little box and stamp it crazy, needs a shrink. I have something great that most don't I know God is real and so is the devil, and know that there is more after death and live my life to the fullest. I am a mother of four beautiful children and have been married for 14 yrs and married at 18 married my best friend. Boyfriend and married =18yrs together. We met at a church camp in 93 he lived in Oregon and my uncle was his pastor. We were soul mates if you even can have a slight bit of faith it at least fate or maybe not. My gifts I had at so young thinking everyone was like me because when you’re young you do take on that impression. And didn’t realize I was different. I had four sisters and one brother. All of us gifted from my mothers side and my fathers. on my father’s I believe it came from my Cherokee and apache Indian blood from what I was told and from my mother’s father who can predict great world event from Castro not dying when all thought he was done for to earth-quakes and sunamie.We being christians have been called prophets. I have been visitied by angels and theyve shown me what is to come and honey you aren't even going to be close to being ready. it is going to slap you across the face and take you for a spin. the four horsemen have been let loose one at a time. things aren't going to get better.

Apr 08, 2012
Sounds like Schizophrenia
by: Anonymous

You might want to talk to a shrink about this because it sounds like you might be hallucinating more than anything supernatural.

These kinds of hallucinations can be kind of serious, so you might want to look into meds.

Apr 08, 2012


Apr 08, 2012


Apr 08, 2012


Apr 08, 2012
Dear curious ones
by: Esther

I can tell you why your not afraid of him,your drawn to him,how to be rid of him and believe me you want that,n can tell you what he meant about the truth he told you. You are dealing with a souless spirit an evil entity. The bible describes a demon,as those that roam to and fro upon the earth seeking out whom he may devour. I and my family all deal with helping those in need of casting them out. I have encountered thousands and my husband millions of them.we cast them out using all biblical teachings of how to do this. I wouldn't recommend trying yourself or amatures either.They have BLK eyes because they never had a soul to begin with.They have the power to manipulate our minds by planting thoughts using his or your voice It depends on what he is trying to do.The dream U had was given to u by him or God,God would do it to warning you.U should have this dream interpreted, but hear is the main message the white bird was the entity telling you that he a spirit of the air and that means that he was a fallen arch angel (one of the most powerful positions as far as angels go they are warring angels, or angels of war. so when they were cast down by God when the earth was void they were transformed into what they are called here on earth now as prince demon who have and hold a higher rank and means more power, more spirits below them under their command) him in ur home was him telling u he is already in.This is no illusion but before you can even have him cast out you have to believe in God and Jesus christ whom is the messiah.The reason why you have no fear of him and are compelled to him is because u are one of them meaning they have come in when you blacked out long ago they came into you.& I dont know how many he is just the chief &there could be many that came in 10-100000, once they come in you dont fear what is now a part of you. but if you fear the thought of them being cast out is a sign that it is them in you . the fear you will feel then isn't your own but theirs because they are a part of you you feel what they feel depending what they let in his is just the prince demon that acted as a gate keeper and open the flood gates.. they will hate having the bible new you especially at night when they are more active.Surround yourself with godly things, music bibles etc...they cant stand being in that atmousphere you. ANY RESPONSE OF FEELING MOVEMENT ANYWHERE IN THE BODY IS A SIGN.take care of it before you loose full control of your body because there will come a time when they will want full control not just at n anyone who needs help write me at my email 4LIBERTYMINISTRIES@GMAIL.COM if u need my cell# I will give it to any that realy need help

Apr 08, 2012
Dear curious ones
by: Esther

I can tell you why your not afraid of him,your drawn to him,how to be rid of him and believe me you want that,n can tell you what he meant about the truth he told you. You are dealing with a souless spirit an evil entity. The bible describes a demon,as those that roam to and fro upon the earth seeking out whom he may devour. I and my family all deal with helping those in need of casting them out. I have encountered thousands and my husband millions of them.we cast them out using all biblical teachings of how to do this. I wouldn't recommend trying yourself or amatures either.They have BLK eyes because they never had a soul to begin with.They have the power to manipulate our minds by planting thoughts using his or your voice It depends on what he is trying to do.The dream U had was given to u by him or God,God would do it to warning you.U should have this dream interpreted, but hear is the main message the white bird was the entity telling you that he a spirit of the air and that means that he was a fallen arch angel (one of the most powerful positions as far as angels go they are warring angels, or angels of war. so when they were cast down by God when the earth was void they were transformed into what they are called here on earth now as prince demon who have and hold a higher rank and means more power, more spirits below them under their command) him in ur home was him telling u he is already in.This is no illusion but before you can even have him cast out you have to believe in God and Jesus christ whom is the messiah.The reason why you have no fear of him and are compelled to him is because u are one of them meaning they have come in when you blacked out long ago they came into you.& I dont know how many he is just the chief &there could be many that came in 10-100000, once they come in you dont fear what is now a part of you. but if you fear the thought of them being cast out is a sign that it is them in you . the fear you will feel then isn't your own but theirs because they are a part of you you feel what they feel depending what they let in his is just the prince demon that acted as a gate keeper and open the flood gates.. they will hate having the bible new you especially at night when they are more active.Surround yourself with godly things, music bibles etc...they cant stand being in that atmousphere you. ANY RESPONSE OF FEELING MOVEMENT ANYWHERE IN THE BODY IS A SIGN.take care of it before you loose full control of your body because there will come a time when they will want full control not just at n anyone who needs help write me at my email 4LIBERTYMINISTRIES@GMAIL.COM if u need my cell# I will give it to any that realy need help

Mar 05, 2012
by: Anonymous



Mar 01, 2012
by: Xul Thuan

It seems as though you have an incubus, although that said incubus dont always harm, however they always take, as for a generalized point on the black eyed beings, dark does not mean evil, as light does not good, that is a very misconstrued concept. Humans as a general sense are governed by instinct and emotion, if you control these then you can understand what scares you, if you encounter one, ask him questions, if your bold and believe your strong enough touch them, however never accept the thought of letting them in, no matter the spirit, your home is your domain. Spirits always need something from you, and unless you are willing to risk everything, they are not in your best interest to interact with, be it posing as a relative or a spirit u "know"

take care of all that you posess

Feb 26, 2012
Don't read bout vamps & ya wont see him
by: vampiregirl

'm telling ya truth , the lady might be saying that she never read twilite but who knows if she is lying. What i were telling you is based on my my friend's expierences . I've been rereading twilite & H.P deathly hallows together lately & i dreamed that voldemort's a vampire so what i mean is that may be the lady reads a lot of vamp & BEB's stories together muddeling em in dreams . Now as i said something bout my
friend she is a twilite fan & since the first time she has wached the movie she has been dreaming about her
"VAMPIRE" boy friend . Ya see what i mean is that the lady got the idia bout the man from her fav readings or books

Feb 23, 2012
doesnt add up
by: bim

first she said she cracked the window open and the being grabbed her hand. then he was in her room and reaching down to grab her hand. if she was at the window she had just opened a sliver, then she could not have been in bed for it to reach down to take her hand. sorry. good story tho. enjoyed the read

Feb 19, 2012
About your entity
by: Anonymous


Please feel free to email me:

Feb 19, 2012
Not sure what to do...
by: Nativemoon

Hello this is my first time learning about the black eyes people. I don't know if it is the same type of creature or not, but maybe you can help me.

He's not here all the time or every night, but it seems only when I need him. I don't know his name, but he is beautiful.

When we had our old apt, I use to lock the bathroom door and read in the bathtub. One night I fell asleep and I thought I dreamed this older boy( I was 14 or 15 and he looked at least 18 or 19) knocking on my window, just sitting there on the roof waiting for me.

He asked me to come out, at first I looked around. I was still in the bathroom, but it was obviously late out. I opened the window and as I started to climb out he grabbed my hand to help me.

We sat there all night, I asked him when the sun began to rise what his name was, who he was. His reply was that I already knew and soon I would discover who I am, who he is, and what I have to do.

He helped back into my room, which at the time I shared with my twin sister, I slept on the top bunk. He kissed me on the forehead and then I remember waking up.

I woke up in my bed, I asked my mother the next day were I fell asleep and got the goosebumps with her response. I fell asleep in the bathtub, but woke in my bed. I don't sleep walk.

Theirs night when I can feel him watching me. I was at my fathers taking the trash out when I heard something in the trees, so I looked up and a branch was moving, but their was no wind.

To get to my school we have go a road that is surrounded by fields and one morning my sister and I were talking when we saw him ( it looked like him) stop and stare at me through the window and then take off, so fast.

Their is a lot that is so strange around me. When I dream, they happen. Some people call them deja vu, but I am also having a dream with this older woman, who teachers me how to fight, different things and she has said the same thing he did.

My only thing is that his eyes aren't always black. Sometimes they're a bright bright blue, but when he gets angry they turn pure black.

Is this similar to what you were experienced? I hear his voice sometimes, but others also. My name being called and I ask who called me and they say they didn't. Sometimes I feel crazy.

My mother says that our family is lined with strange things happenings in our family, could it do to with certain families?

I am now 16 and I haven't seen him in a while, but ( I know this is going to sound strange)I can feel I will see him soon.

Feb 18, 2012
same encounter add me
by: Anonymous

So i had same encounter few days ago,add me on msn
and lets talk about it

Jan 12, 2012
i belive you
by: nicholas

i was bitten by a wolf on a blood moon after that i can run faster jump higher my senses of taste touch,hearing and smell plus i can see way better now. but also i have seen these things before i even know what they are.

Jan 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Perhaps an incubus. These creatures often are like vampires, as they feed off of the aura emitted by people. Particularly those sexual in nature. While the others of his kind may feed on fear, he might be looking to feed on something else, such as sexual arousal. It would give credence to his heavy attempts to seduce you as well as induce sexual imaging.

Dec 31, 2011
by: Ariel Marie

Honestly,I thought this site was just myths but you kinda make me believe this.I'd have to say if this is real..a demon? You ever watch the show Supernatural? Ha,I know it sounds retarded but hey..they've got some believable stuff on there plus they use real legends no made up stuff. But whoever said it could be a lover from another life i think could be a possibility or it could be some evil sonva bitch that wants to suck out ur soul but im no expert...And all you people commenting saying "you got experience with these" stfu seriously? No you don't ya know why??Cuz this is rare shiznit IF its real I dunno I'm still 50/50

Dec 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's a succubus of some sort. Black-eyed beings act just like vampires, except they are said to steal your soul. Succubi are said to be vampires, except soul-stealing ones, so I believe that this being that this woman saw was a succubus.

Dec 15, 2011
Vampire? I think not.
by: Ace

INCUBUS! I think it's an incubus.
Or a very horny vampire. o.O

Dec 05, 2011
this is just my thinking
by: Anonymous

Ive heard of this being before. But from what ive read im not a 100% sure its a black eyed being/vampire. It could be a demon (which is sounds like to me cause ive had to help a freind deal with something like this) It started out exactley like your except she saw hers at age 14 and it tries to seduce her all the time and tries to tell her its time you join us and stuff like that. honestley you might be right or not i dont know but when he pulled you out of your body you out of body experienced which is really hard to do and im surprise he managed to pull you out of your body. either way be extermely careful

Nov 29, 2011
by: Indrid Cold

I am always concerned when people plays games, rather than tell you the truth. I find it hard to believe they don�t have a sinister motivation when these types of games are being played. Is this a person, I think not! but do believe by not telling the truth and playing games, they are not nice!!!

Nov 16, 2011
past life
by: Anonymous

Many people believe that experiences like this happen when we encounter souls we knew in our past lives. He is probably some kind of alien/extra dimensional being species, that you belonged to in a past life. Many times beings called the ancients appear to have pure black eyes. He may be having trouble accepting that your soul has moved on.

Nov 13, 2011
by: Steph

Honestly, if he is a vampire, your lucky. For.... about three-four years now, I've hoped a vampire would turn me, but it hasnt happened yet. I envy people that have seen vampires. I've read most books, looked at most websites, even tried 'spells' and other things to try sommoning one, but it doesnt work. I really want turned, though.

Nov 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Some vampires are bad, i am good i can't tell you who i am but believe in myths or not we do exist and what ever that vampire wanted to do to you ( most likely turn you into one ) he won't stop until he does.. Tip never invite someone in your house you don't know. I would like to help you.

Nov 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Carol, your destiny lies somewhere you are not, as with all you have a choice to make, follow it and possibly become something unimagineable by meaning good or bad or stay in what society calls the norm. Some arent so lucky and some of us are, unlike you I know my destiny. Our souls are the paths of our history, you know this man and he knows you from the sounds of it, very well. Its up to you to connect and learn the next step on your path Need help with let me know would be happy to help you

Nov 01, 2011
stuff and me and my advice sorry not a whole lot
by: Sage

I though it left my comment but it did not so I am going to retype type it:) haha. bro you not alone I have never seen the black eyed men. but I have Ben able to do very interesting things all my life with out noticing it in till I was 12. I can fell the energy of demons, ghost,and many other supernatural beings I can also tell what you what type of person a living human being is just by feeling his energy. and I can read minds to but it's hard to do that. if there dead I usely always now what they are thinking. if they are in my house or whatever. long distance it's harder.but all I am saying is never shut it out. and maybe yall are linked to each other or he is attarckted to you? hopefully things clear up. but I not sure what to say about the sexual stuff. thanks for your time have a great day:)!!!

Nov 01, 2011
me once more
by: sage

Just an opinoon I would let him/her in and hear him out good things can come form the darkest correners
and I get the feeling they don't really want to hurt you :/

Nov 01, 2011
by: Anonymous


Oct 07, 2011
Still Looking For Some Answer...
by: Anonymous


Sep 06, 2011
Any suggestions
by: Austin

I am the type of person that believes in god but other than that I believe in what I can see and touch and what is inthe bible these things arnt I the bible and i beed to know what the hell are these things and how do you kill them if they come back I e asked a priest and he told me I was dreaming but after reading what you guys wrote I'm convinced it was real
I just wanna know if silver or crosses or something like that affects them. Its been two years and he hasn't come back but for some strange reason I think he is gonna come back. My girlfriend has since moved in with me and thinks I'm going crazy as does most my family
If anyone can help me please say so

Sep 06, 2011
by: Austin

This is a true story. Sorry about any errors I'm typing this on my iPod because my computer is FUBARD

Carol your not the only one
I'm twenty five now and 2 years ago I rented a house about twenty miles out of town in Oregon my nearest neighbor was about 5 miles away. One night around midnight I woke up to my dog going nuts at the door. I was about to tell her to shut up when there was a knock at the door.
When I opened the door a old man with jet black hair peircing balck eyes wearing a dark suit and tie asked me if he could come in and sit awhile to " warm his bones." I had this strange nagging feeling not to let him in but I did anyways. The moment I let him in my dog a large pit bull tried to bite him but I managed to grab her in time. I told him to sit at the kitchen table while I fixed some coffee for him and put the dog in my room. When I got back he told me he has plans for me I laughed and asked like what but by now he was giving me the creeps and I didn't move more than two
feet from the gun rack. He asked me to come with him and I said no. That set him off and he jumped up and approached me but before he moved two feet I pulled out my pistol and told him it's time to leave. He laughed at me and said you think that will hurt me I told him there is only one way to find out and if he didn't leave we would find. He smiled beared his fangs like a wild animal and took another step it was at this point that I was truly afraid and unloaded all 9 shots into him. I know I hit him but he just stood there and looked at me and said " you had a destiny but no more. Then he simply vanished
I wonder if I made the right choice by shooting him or if I should have heard him out he hasn't been back since and until I read carols story I thought it was just a realy detailed dream
Again sorry for the errors if there are any I wrote this on my iPod

Aug 17, 2011
good story
by: me!!!

why don't you belive her alot of people look like a former self and her former self could have been one of theese black eyed being and maybe was a lover to the one hats been haunting her

Aug 16, 2011
Read This
by: Your friend Benjamin

Hell Is much worse than the black eyed people I have seen the true darkness.

Aug 11, 2011
2 becca
by: sammi

dude becca dont let ur friend b alone with her, she could have dyed her hair blonde or some BEB hav differnt colored hair since we dont no much about them

Aug 08, 2011
by: Jordan

I think You have taken something very real and dangerous and turned it into a sick sex fantasy for attention...

Aug 08, 2011
a normal black eyed being
by: becca!!!!

my friend tati has seen a person at living near her home with completly black eyes but this girl is blond and happy and normal but she seems to keep trying to get my friend to come over to her home or plain just be alone with her i just want to know if anyone has any ideas about this

Aug 02, 2011
by: sammi

also keep updating us on wat happenes the mor we no the mor we can help

Aug 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hey I read your story. You said you didnt know what he was talking about when he said you had to remember you were like him. Well, its quite obvious. Depending on what he is. A vampire..maybe. Maybe just a roamer, like he told you. Maybe just a ghost. The point is that he is trying to convince you that you were what he is now. I would say that he knew you before, maybe in the past life or something, since he sure exists for a long time. Longer than human lives.

Aug 02, 2011
by: sammi

hey i read ur story and srry im confuzed on 2 believe and not 2 believe but no i wont bull u about it all i say is i guess carry something holy with u like a sliver cross since the fortune teller lady said it was evil just 2 b on the safe side and ask him lots of qustions like "if im 1 of u then how come i dont remember anything" yes i no he can lie 2 u but never hurt 2 ask, also umm since ur married i dont think its a good idea 2 let him touch u like that evn if he is good-ish, as 4 vampireic u said u had hole marks on his neck right? hear me out if thats the case then mayb he was something else b4 that and then a vampire thing bit him and then he turned in2 that idk im just guessing, as 4 things like praying 2 God and stuff i guess u could do that idk, and 2 mike i really love ur website im really in2 this stuff i mean i cant say i believe in all these myths (srry) but i do believe that ther is a possiblity tthey can b, also anyway 2 email u i would really like 2 have a nice chat with u thank u

Jul 31, 2011
by: Thoughtful One

Well, while this does seem a tad on the fantastical side. I REALLY must make a point of saying...just because something doesn't look all 'fluffy' and inviting doesn't mean it's evil. Evil can take on the form of a common symbol of an unsuspecting thing that everyone assumes is good. ITS ALL ABOUT YOUR GUT FEELING REGARDLESS OF LOOKS. Even if it's scary looking, doesn't mean it's evil. I'm not saying this being is good or evil, just that, you can't judge a book by its cover. Just the way you feel in it's presence-no not even that-just what you know your instincts are telling you.

Jul 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wow that sounds really scary

Jul 20, 2011
read carefully
by: P.F

To those people who are making rude comments, please pay attention to the story. Someone pointed out that the story must be false because a 'being' like the BEV would for sure want to harm the author. and another commented about the 'one of us' statement as well. These statements can be false even if the story itself is true. That is because the BEV was most likely LYING. The zuthor didn't say that she herself came to the above conclusions. She said that the BEV told her they were true.

If you're gonna tell someone that they're full of sh*t, then you'd better make sure that you yourself are not full of it as well.

To those who comment on how different the story is, take note of the fact that most of the differences are apparent only AFTER the woman gave the 'being' permission to enter. Since none of the other stories contain this feature, is it so hard to believe that the situation can change so dramatically once you let something like this into your life/home?

Jul 19, 2011
by: Your brother

Im sorry i couldnt help myself that previous comment was a lie. Sorry i got bored and made up a story

Jul 19, 2011
By Your Brother
by: Someone

Your Brother,

I am very interested in your comment. Is there a way to contact you?

Jul 19, 2011
I know you
by: Your brother

These black eyed creatures you all refer to are the first beings. They were made in a time before ours, a mirror image of heaven. The creator made these beings so perfect he could not destroy thwm when he was finishedwith them. Tjey were made in his image also, but too close. Carol, your true name is and you are my distant relative. We are the creators next project. We are a mix between humans and the first beings.Carrol, I cannot make contact with you and please dont try and find me. If you do we will be severely punished. You were lost from our tribe in and supposedly captured by the first beings. They feel attracted to us becausewe are almost one of them. All these cases of thes beings askingto be close to humans are them searching for us. Tjey need to make physical contact to be sure we are what we are. We have a special weapon against these beings say the words to desteoy them. I am currenly travveling with a league of vampires called the who want to regain theyre souls so they can die and join the creator. Throught history we have been named wizards and mages and whiches by human kind. We are not sure what the original beings want with us yet but by monitoring you and others like you we can asses what they are after. Please do not touch the amulet this being has given you. We know it has some kind of curse to do something to you. When this is all over we will meet face to face and hopefuly you will forgive me for losing you. You could have had a much better life. Try to not let this creature in your mind anymore by letting your mind go blank when it is near you. We are not immortal but we do what you call reincarnation if permitted by the creator. Vampires will be especially attracted to females of our kind since they are more powerfull. Please carry a stake or a cross with you evrwhere. You will find it is easy for you to kill them. Please spare any with a red triangle with a line through it painted on there head. These vampires are in a treaty with us but will not know you. If you find a male named coren tell him his freind knows you and to help you. If he does not believe you give him the word you feel in your heart at that very moment, and he will know you. Tell him his sister is looking for him. I will be happy if you dont believe me because you will be much safer as long as you keep your distance from all monsters. The human you mated with must not come in contact with our brother slovak because he is trying to eradicate all humans, starting with the ones closest to us. He has a scar above his left cheek.

Jul 18, 2011
It's All Good
by: Mike from

Hey Anonymous, consider any and all hatchets buried. I agree it is tough to swallow some of these stories and on the other side of the coin it can be downright annoying to watch people automatically believe every story that comes out.

For the record, my personal sensitivity to the whole skepticism thing comes not from the average joe, but more from a lot of these so-called "scientists" and "academics" who come up with half-baked, dismissive explanations for stories like these rather than actually investigating the possibility that they MIGHT be true and MIGHT provide some insight into the things we don't yet understand.

Anyway, all is good, even controversy (at least for me - gets the traffic numbers for the site up.)

Take care,

Jul 18, 2011
Mike I <3 you
by: Anonymous

Mike, tell you what. I will agree to disagree with you, just because I do not wish to get into fallacies of informal logic. And turn into a philosopher today. So lets bury the hatchet between you and I.

I understand that to the best of your knowledge you know the stories to be true even if they didn't come with a scanned notary attachment via email. Because of website operations and lets face it investigators/scene samples/travel etc is all too expensive especially now more then ever.

I just merely wanted to make members aware of possibly fake stories and urge a keen eye for fibbers. And to not take everything so literal.

I'm satisfied with your latest response Mike, you're the best!

Jul 18, 2011
Burden of Proof
by: Mike from

The interesting thing about this conversation is that I am in the unique position of having to decide what gets published on the site and what doesn't. I really do hope that every "True Scary Story" is indeed true, but I have to say there are some stories on here that I rolled my eyes at the first time through. It always occurs to me that I don't have to publish a story, and some I have considered not publishing because they seemed totally fake.

The problem is, I can't say for sure that they are "true" or "fake". The only time I moved a story to the "Scary Fiction" site was when the author pretended to have been killed while writing it - which was obvious enough - how could they have submitted it if they were dead? Other than that, I tend to take a deep sigh and publish the thing.

It is a little disturbing knowing that not everything is true, and that only makes the stories that are true look that much more suspect, but honestly in the end, I don't think there is a burden of proof on anybody who submits a story to the site. I'm not going to risk my credibility (if I even have any - I mean I run a website about monsters, after all) by claiming that these stories are true, but I do give the authors the benefit of the doubt because I truly don't know if it's real or not.

There's no way I can prove that any of these stories are true, just like I can't prove that the Jersey Devil or Mothman are real. The whole point of this site is to take a look at what people have encountered and try to make sense of it all from a distance. And maybe it doesn't make sense. Maybe none of it is real and we'll never get proof, but my point is: just because something can't be proved doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Jul 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them an idiot or a moron etc... You truly must be a child or have the intelligence of one if you can't retort a comment other than "You're an idiot" you can jump up and down under your bridge and clench your fists or even throw your e-stress dummy all you want to subside your tiny smarts or obvious anger issues I'm still trying to figure out which are more obvious? In the end Larry it doesn't change how the real world operates.. Show's the true intelligence that lies beneath the person. And it's sad that you had to get support from the same person. Pam.. I mean Larry...

Jul 18, 2011
by: Pam

I agree with Larry and Mike on this one. Go home Anonymous. Better yet, grow up!

Jul 18, 2011
Anonymous the Idiot
by: Larry

Like I said, an idiot always an idiot, and that idiot starts with anonymous. Get a life moron.

Jul 18, 2011
Larry Oh Larry...
by: Anonymous

Larry you made yourself look as if reading comprehension wasn't your strong suit. Not only did I mention her first encounter was at age 8-9 I stated other encounters after were dreams or voices She has been hearing. How does age justify the burden of proof or anything else for that matter? Are we inclined to believe adults over children sure in most conditions depending on the situation etc. But that doesn't grant a person an immunity pass towards lying based on their age. Larry I hope your real life job doesn't require you to do much reading because if it does. I suggest you find another line of work. And look in the mirror before you call everyone else the idiot..

Jul 18, 2011
Anonymous the Idiot
by: Larry


You really are an idiot. If you read the lady's account you will see that her FIRST encounter happened when she was 8 or 9 and her second encounter happened when she was 31 years of age! You are a freaking dope!

It's ironic how people like you really turn away folks from actually telling their stories. Folks fear that people would label them as crazy or nutty if they ever told people their story. It's people like you who really prevent people from sharing with others. Remember this for it will serve you well: Sometimes the truth is stranger than freaking idiot!

Jul 18, 2011
Mike you're a superstar!!!
by: Anonymous

Mike, I'm charmed that you are a fan. But in all seriousness a person can easily be in support of one thing and retain the right to voice an opinion about another. How can I say I believe in the paranormal and easily dismiss something without further investigation? Easily, the person submitted a story <--- on the internet #1 and #2 It was an account that took place at an early age around 8 or 9 yes I would stake my job on the credibility of an 8-9 year old? Probably not, kids have a very active imagination maybe she saw a horror movie right before going to bed. And thought she saw something. I've had nightmares of scary movies as a kid which I could have swore were real at the time of the occurence. Based on my environment and what was happening. But unfortunately it was only a dream..

I'm not saying she didn't see what she claimed to have saw. But since I don't have a working time machine or wasn't in her head at the time of viewing of this alleged incident to be an on call witness at a future date and time. And being that The rest of the accounts took place in a dream or voices coming from the persons head.. Really you don't say?

Mike I'm sure your a rational person as am I. But last I checked a person submitting an account of something has the burden of proof on them if it pertains to a mental disorder in which I stated that person seek medical treatment since there was no way any other person besides a trained doctor could diagnose and treat that person properly. But, that does not exclude the person from scrutiny by others who may have objections to what she states happened on the internet.

If I said to you hey Mike, I see purple hippos outside my house at precisely 12:00pm each day. You'd probably be like right.. I'm sure you do buddy.. Who knows maybe you're a good friend and stick around one time and unfortunately see nothing. Even though I may claim to see them very sharp and vividly. You'll probably dismiss it as me being crazy, but in order for my claim to be valid we have a thing called burden of proof. I'm making an astounding claim that I see these purple hippos at precisely a set time and place. Now it's my job to prove it. If I can't supply any evidence our society at least the one I'm familiar with. Has a nice way of labeling me as a mentally unstable person because the rest of society doesn't see those purple hippos. Am I mentally unstable if I see something and a majority of society does not and I can't prove my claims? Maybe, maybe not but what will most claim I am?

Jul 18, 2011
by: Mike from

Sorry, Anonymous, but your argument is pretty flawed. I am the first to agree that not everything we think might be paranormal is actually paranormal, but how can say that you believe in the paranormal then immediately dismiss someone else's personal paranormal experience with absolutely no basis for your argument?

Ya, there are people out there who have hallucinations, and sometimes books fall off shelves and power surges occur from faulty wiring. And then sometimes perfectly sane people have experiences that they can't explain based on the normal laws of the universe.

Being skeptical is good to an extent, but making assumptions about situations you know nothing about is not skepticism, it's cynicism. Dismissing the possibility that strange creatures (which have been witnessed and reported by thousands of sane, credible people) with no investigation or personal knowledge doesn't come close to actual scientific research standards, and it certainly doesn't make you smarter than someone who reserves judgment until they have more information (you know, like we're supposed to do).

Maybe Carol's story is real, and maybe it's not, but instantly dismissing someone's personal experience and assuming that they are mentally unstable with no investigation is FAR more ridiculous and unscientific than any of the stories on this site.


Jul 18, 2011
Anonymous needs help
by: Larry

Anonymous needs to get his head out of his ass! There are lots of strange beings that exist with us in this world. Just because your ignorant ass did not see them does not mean they don't exist, you freaking idiot!

I have seen strange beings and so have many people. Does that mean we should all go to the crazy house? It's morons like you who make people feel bad or stupid for wanting to share their experiences. You're such a dope! Grow the hell up!

Jul 18, 2011
Larry needs help
by: Anonymous

Larry you had me thinking you were a normal logical person in your response up until you started talking about creatures... You seriously need to stop inhaling harsh chemicals on your work break if you are seeing creatures on a frequent basis. You need to med up or go see a doctor about it seriously. It's not normal seek help. I never said I didn't have anything I couldn't explain happen in my life happen. I've had stuff randomly fall off shelves or lights turn on or off when I never touched that light before. Or what I assume to be shadows move out of the corner of my eye. Common stuff to most.

Do I chalk it up to weird creatures out to communicate or get me? Nope we do have a thing called gravity sometimes stuff falls because we didn't place it correctly on a shelf. Other times because a small wind draft behind it. Power surges do occur... Am I saying that's what caused some of my events? Maybe.. maybe not.. But you don't see me ranting on about creatures that go bump in the night. I do believe in the paranormal but to simply put it, not everything is actually that. Sometimes people actually do need medical help it's a serious matter.

Jul 18, 2011
NOT a load of crap
by: Larry

I don't think this Carol is making this stuff up. There are lots of strange stuff out there that people just can't explain. I myself have seen some strange stuff, stranger than the account by this lady. Does that mean I'm suffering from delusions? Does that mean I need to seek medical help? No you freaking idiots!

There are many things that don't make sense, many strange creatures that we come in contact with that you can't explain. Does that mean it's all in your head?

I hope for those non believers out there who like to lash out at people who have the courage to actually come out and share their experiences that I HOPE you encounter something so bad and so frightening that you will never look at the world from up your a-hole ever again!

Jul 18, 2011
Wow... What a load of Horse..
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I think you need a mental consult with a doctor that can treat you. I seriously think you watched one too many horror movies as a kid and had a festering sub-conscious attraction with evil or dark things which triggered weird dreams. Either that or you craved attention from a source you couldn't get it from so your dreams filled in the blanks and created this man in black etc. to fulfill that specific need.

Get some help.. Not judging just saying what any other rational person would probably tell you if you told them...

Jul 17, 2011
Be Discerning
by: Anonymous


I'm not sure if you even read these comments anymore, however I would have to say that it would most likely be in your best interest to get some concrete answers from this being that has shown an interest in you.

Any benevolent being has no reason to play games and keep telling you who you are and why. That is the journey we go on, it is our purpose in many lifetimes. For someone to tell you who you are makes me hope that you are going to be very discerning when dealing with the being you are describing.

I do not believe in any kind of physical vampires that drink your blood or want your soul. However, our energy is a precious thing and is ours to share. That is what I hope you remember also. No one can tell you how to share or give your energy.

Jul 02, 2011
black eyed
by: jezzabel

they may not enter a home without permission cause they are cursed

let me in
you may say come in or open the door or window
for them

they live a very long age but dnt age they stay in the form and age from when they where cursed .

many of thesse may fall in love but as they do not age and there choosen partners do they move on from them letting them live there life
, otheres whom come back reborn may be visted by there once loved black eyed biengs

vimpric bieng (some drain energy , others might feast)

be warned

Jun 29, 2011
You tube eyed people
by: Anonymous

Thisis very interesting view by David Icke...FF to 2:26 if you want to get to the black eyed people,he talks about former priminister Ted Heith...good stuff

Jun 29, 2011
Keep an open mind peeps
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing. To those people telling her she's watching to much Twighlightzone ...this doesn't change what she's seen or experienced no matter what you think,please keep an open mind,there's more out there that exists on different dimentions that you couldn even imagine.

I have no idea what they are....David Icke talks about them. I'll send a link to ine of his experiences shortly.

Jun 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

Lol oky dis is creepy bt dnt u tink u abit off...vampires il belive it wen i c it

Jun 25, 2011
by: deathstriker

Whoa..okay I don't think..nvm it doesent matter what I think all I have to say is..we as people will never really know if these types of creatures are real or are not. Unless there are people who have seen them...then I'm sorry but don't you think it is pointless wether saying they are or arnt real,because sometimes ...things aren't always what they seem. Me personaly..I have only experienced nightmares of such creatures,if you have seen them... there is no point in telling someone who hasent because well...they won't believe you or you think they do but the don't and are trying to be a good friend.I not saying that such creatures are fake I just think you should keep such wonders to yourself.:)=

Jun 09, 2011
what its really here for
by: Anonymous

i was reading this and well....all i can say is de ja vu.i've been through this 4 years 14 now and even though i dont see this..well whatever it is,i like to call them the dark ones,but anyway since i was ten untill my 13th birthday i met two of the dark ones.both with black hair,eyes,eveything.but this isnt about me so i'll get to my point.they always want us to let them in right?but i was thinking,is it really the house they want to get into or something or someone in the when i met the first one it was at a park and i was playing basketball.for no reason i left the court and started walking to the otherside of the park with a voice in my head"let me in".i didnt know why i was walking then as i almost got to my house i seen this guy dressed in all black looking at me.i was so scared because he looked like this i guy i seen in a movie who went around killing people,the onlly diff. with who i seen wasnt wearing a white mask.i ran home as fast i could and forgot we had a door and ran into it,but i got home and in the house safly and havent seen that wierd dude again....until i went to sleep the next night.he came to me in my dreams and i was there looking at him but i couldnt move.i asked him what he wanted from me and again he says"let me in"and thats how i came to they want to take over our bodies

now afther a year and a half went buy my life went back to i thought,i ended up meeting another one(female this time)at that time i thought i was loseing my mind,everyone i told about this thought i was crazy....hell i lost alot of friends and family because of these things...anyway back to when i met the second one.just like the first she wanted me to"let her in"so just so i could find out why(and at the time i grew more curious about stuff),so one night i was home alone and she appeared at the windo.i let her in hopeing she would just look around take something and leave,but she stood there watching me.and every time i moved her eyes would snap in that direction.i felt like i was in one of those movies with animals or whatever that would kill anything that moved.and stupidly i walked around her as i was just geting something by the window,but i was looking to see if she had any wepons on her(thankfuly she didnt),and i asked her"um i let you in...soo can you leave now or are you looking for something?" thing i know im geting all these images in my head(note afther that night i was scared for life)....i dont see the dark ones anymore...i think that since i got use to them or even picked up part of their dry,dead,emotionless nature ect.they got bored with me or something and left.i still get images from them from time to time..most are images of the future and that lady comes to my dreams less and thats got me thinking that maybe they're a new species or whatever and they might be looking for a way to reproduce or if it gose that deep a king or ruler.

Jun 07, 2011
sleepless night part 2
by: Anonymous

ummm this really isn't a part 2 or anything im just really hoping that if anyone has any info that will help me find this black eyed man pleeeease tell me i would like to talk to him i know he is not evil he was like an angel when i was young now i cant stop thinking of him i belive he has saved my life more than once and i would live to thank him now that im older and i know what he is please help!

Jun 07, 2011
sleepless night
by: Becca!!!!

i also have seen one of them but i did not invite him in i was about 5 years old and this is my only memory from that age i had awoken that night and looked up to see a very tall man looking down at me when i turned away and turned back he was gone i dont remember black eyes but it was dark and i was 5 also the next year we were coming home from vaca and we stopped for gas i looked out the window and i saw the same man but this time i know i was black eyes! he had black hair and was quite handsome but he had all black clothing im glad i got to find out what he was but i didnt sense any evil if i did i would of ran that night when i was young and trust me i ran screaming into my parents bed alot! my mama tells storys of me inviting random people over for dinner when i was little so that could be how he got in plus i really dont think he was a bad guy because i have more memorys of him like the day i fell from my two story window i fell on a pile of rocks my mom had gotten for a reason i cant remember i had no broken bones its didnt even look like i fell the only sigh i fell was me crying and i was very young still had weak bones i belive he saved me my mom tells me all the time of seeing the same man wondering around near are house in fact she had called the police many times because of this offen times before i fell asleep i felt a kiss on my cheek or a hug good night like something wanted me to know i was safe i also had found many gifts such as a stuffed tiger i still have today i had found it on a camping trip with my name on the tag and i mean my full name!!!! when i think of it now i think WTF!! was going on in my child hood carol i think that when a black eyed men wants to hurt you thats when you sense the evil but in are case i strongly feel they only wanted to help us and care for us. i no longer see him or get gifts or kisses before bed but i always feels watched and many times in a week my dog (who has saved me twice in my life) grawls at my back door when no ones there or even gets all protective of a unknown sorce when we are over bye these old railroad tracks or even if im just plain alone i belive your story and i think he does not want to hurt you but i think you should look in to it alittle just to make sure

Jun 07, 2011
hmmm my thoughts on your situation
by: Becca L C

holy wow you are living a girls fantasy! but i think you dont feel evil when he is around is because he has no thoughts of hurting you when i think of a black eyed being i think of vampire in my research there are many different types of vampire a black eyed being could just be another type of being but its amazing how this one has attached to you i get a feeling you did something to make him love you in the moments you cant remember!

May 20, 2011
by: ctie

i am a black eyed being.thats my older brother.

May 19, 2011
by: Kate

This is such a scary encounter. But I can definitely say that these creatures do exist. My friend has had encounters with a similar type of creature like the one just described. I too agree that I don't think they're vampires or black-eyed beings. I think they are somewhat "vampiric" but that does not mean they are vampires.

I believe they have the capabilities of traveling both from our dimension to theirs. And yes, my friend says her "creature" tries to seduce her as well. But at least she likes it. She said this creature is the best lover she ever had! I should get myself one of these beings! LOL

But in all seriousness, it has not tried to harm my friend at all. Or zap her energy. Or drain her of her life force or whatever. Does my friend and I know what he wants? No we do not, and he won't say. But if it's not harming her or anyone else than I guess it's not as "evil" as what most people on this forum says they are. People need to understand that there's a lot of crazy and strange beings out there not only in our dimension but in others as well. And many of these beings are capable of traveling to both worlds. Maybe the ancient myths and legends of old have to do with a variety of these and many other creatures?

And as for the movie Twilight...yeah, I watched that movie and I actually liked it. And that's coming from a 28 year old woman, not a teenager. And as much as I hate to say it, Twilight is a FANTASY! Not reality. I can tell what's real and what's not. And the creature that both my friend and this lady have encountered they are real. Not a fantasy, not a work of fiction. Like my favorite quote: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

May 19, 2011
your answer
by: Anonymous

i just read this, and thought yea right! .....But after thinking and reading other s comments...It really could be hwo it says it is...and you are drawn to it like you know it because it very well may be who you are but with no recollection of that time. Or you really just need to go on vacay. How old are you? and if so what type of job do you have? And has your family or friends have any abilities or relations to the spiritual world or that type pf phemnomena?

May 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I think this lady has been watching Twilite too many times and gone off in a fantasy world, get some therapy for heavens sake

May 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is an absolutely horrifying story! I feel fear just reading it. I have no advice to offer except drive this being away! Whatever it takes. Church, exorcism, a blessing ceremony of your house or yourself, anything! Get it to go away!

May 18, 2011
Defense or insight
by: Artist

I've read mythologys and just books using it as background but the universal metals for supernatural defense is silver and iron have jewlery of each and see which if any cause him to react i belive that he is a lonley wanderer wishing for company but be warned it might be brutal to be company

May 13, 2011
just wondering?,
by: jadedmama

Sounds very deceiving, .principal of lust, himself or incubus himself..being seductive for some reason related to the past, waaaaay past. TaG ur it!

May 03, 2011
Just a Theory
by: Tryck

Please, I am not making fun of this or any supernatural/Metaphysical situation. I am just known for thinking "outside the box".
First of all, not sure one way or another if Vampires truly exist, but these Black Eyed Beings(BEBs) seem atleast partially Vampiric. Also, I am fairly certain Aliens exist, and are using earth for atleast a few experiments. So here is my theory...

Aliens have been creating Human hybids for one reason or another, but what if they either found an actual vampire, or just discovered the myths. Whos to say that they wouldn't include vampirism into there tests, to gain their strengths(enhanced senses, immortality, etc). Hence these new beings. Sorry if it sound like a bad Scifi movie plot, but its just a possiple explaination why we are just now seeing these creatures. Maybe I am wrong, we will see.

Apr 11, 2011
possibly a demon
by: Clementia

Please don't think I'm nuts or trying to trivialize your story. This may sound cliched, but I am quite serious when I say I think your "visitor" is a demon, a fallen angel. I have never been in quite your situation, so I won't give you cheap solutions. Just remember that no matter what he says, you do not belong to him -- that is a lie. You might want to consider talking to your clergy member (if you have one) for help.

Apr 10, 2011
Be Yourself Not Someone Else
by: Brittany

Carol, I won't gloss this up. There is a strange man (notice how I didn't say thing because "things" just don't have that kind of emotion) following you around. If he's bothering you, then tell him, and it might benefit you to ask him who the heck he thinks you and him are. You don't know anything about him (right now) and he crossed the border into sacred territory that no one should ever trample on except yourself. If he freaks you out that much, then ask him what he's doing and go with the punches. You are nothing you don't want to be, and if somebody tells you otherwise, don't listen. You're unique (even though I don't know you) and no one's ruinin' that. Besides, there are probably others who feel the same way you do with people following them around and making them uncomfortable. But don't insult anyone in the process of finding out the truth please, that's just wrong, even though the world doesn't work that way. Rise above it and find out who that man is and who he thinks you are. BTW: You may have heard this already but you might be a reincarnation or a case of mistaken identity. Don't freak out about this either, he said that he would'nt hurt you, so believe him, but don't think for a second that he owns you.

Mar 17, 2011
Reply to Nothing can ever be only good or only bad
by: Anonymous

To the person "Anonymous" who wrote the post, "Nothing can ever be only good or only bad," would you please email me at the following email?

I wanted to ask you some questions, if that's alright with you. Thanks so much.

Mar 16, 2011
Nothing can ever be only good or only bad
by: Anonymous

I am amazed how easily humans categorize certain things. Whatever these beings may be, they are clearly a race as opposed to an individual. One cannot lump an entire race into one image. Indeed the majority of encounters are described as negative and slightly or obviously threatening or dangerous. So simply because some "hunt" differently they are not the same? Do you as a human always eat? One does not feel threatened without good reason yet at the same time one does not feel threatening without cruel intentions. If these beings have no cruel intentions you probably would not fear them. Even if they are truly dangerous. You might notice they are dangerous yet not fear them and that is quite ordinary. If a predator that could kill you faster than you could call for help was near you wouldn't you instinctively keep your distance? Yet you would only become frightened if you sensed it was about to attack. At the same time even if you know something is dangerous you might get close to it out of curiosity or awe. It may never harm you or perhaps it will that does not stop people from keeping wild animals as pets or going on safari now does it? Getting back on subject however this particular being claiming you as one similar to it is rather interesting. There exists the possibility it is attempting to confuse you. Needing permission to gain entrance reveals a code of honor or perhaps a more strict command of rules or laws that cannot be broken if one requires permission to approach I would assume coercion was off limits as well. Perhaps gaining your trust and bringing you to their side is essential to their purpose? Either way I personally feel that if you are not concerned let it be, nothing is all good or all bad. to condemn a being who has done no wrong is a bit much. At the same time however remain aware that interacting with a predator is risky. Do not be an idiot. If you keep a tiger in your guest bedroom as a "pet" would you willingly allow it to attack you? Be aware of the dangers and if you ever feel uneasy do not ignore your instincts and remove yourself from its grasp.

Mar 06, 2011
Ummm .......NIGHTMARES
by: Anonymous

Okay this might seem weird but I'm 11 years old and I know the person who made this website and OMG this story freaks me out and I'm afraid to open doors... And call me crazy but don't a lot of these cases seem like kids when they first meet...... Btw carol....... Don't trust him I want u to live don't let him in again.

Feb 13, 2011
Black eyed man.
by: Anonymous

I have only seen one of these beings, it was back in 2004, so I would have been 12 years old. I had been on a fishing trip with my grandad and we had to catch two trains to get home one from the place we was at, and then change trains at a different station. I got off the train with my grandad and fishing equipment. Then we went over to our stand just waiting for the train to come. Then I turned around and there was this man about 10 feet away he was staring right at me, not my (grandad), and his eyes were completely black with no pupils, and he was a big guy too, at a guess I'd say he was around 6'5" and about 250lbs. So I stared right back at him showing no emotion like he was doing to see what he'd do, I am brave like that. Then my grandad noticed us two staring each other out and my grandad said just ignore it. So I went and stood around a corner so he couldn't see me. Then the train arrived. So me and my grandad gets on the train and what does the black eyed man do? Sits directly at the side of us on the next row of seats, so then we was staring each other out for about 20 whole minutes until we reached the station and got into our taxi home. He stayed on the train. I am not sure where these black eyed beings come from, or what they want. But my advise is if you see one don't show any fear or emotion of any kind, because if you do so they know they've got one up on you...

Dec 23, 2010
Protect yourself
by: Sean

Hi Carol,

You got your confirmation -- this is a real being.

And don't think he isn't after your soul. He's got you charmed, that's why you find him alluring and can't feel the evil from him. It's kind of like the stories of snakes hypnotizing their prey before they strike.

You put a lot of confirmation in your own ability to 'recognize' evil. But if black eyes, fangs, lies, seducing of a married woman, etc. don't all tell you he is evil, you are blind to it and can't recognize evil if it smacks you in the head.

What typically happens in stories like this is that the evil beings draw in their victims with stories, lies, conversations of all kinds until the victim has no defenses left -- then the real torment begins!

Start going to church, pray to get help, and get others to pray for you. There are many kinds of churches, so find one you like, but you need to go.

Once you have been fully seduced, this thing will start tormenting you like nothing you have ever experienced before. You know all you need to know, what you need is the will to save yourself. IF this evil being really exists, then good ones (and the source, God) exist too, and you need to connect yourself there so that you have good results in your life.

You are being seduced, drug-like, and right now you feel like it's an adventure. But just like a hard drug user, when the fall comes, it will be very terrible.

IF it was whispering evil things into the medium's ears, just like it will love to do evil things in your life. The medium was scared because she had the sense to be scared, and she knew what it was, just as you do. I sure hope you have the sense to exorcise this evil black-eyed thing from your life.

Why not connect to the source of all goodness and love instead? Get some friends who can help you. Evil only brings evil results.

Dec 02, 2010
Anyone else
by: Elaine

My husband had an encounter afew years back.Nothing grand just a scary encounter.My workfriend also saw what sounded like the same man,in the city walking out of a coffee shop.But once again nothing really happened. Does anyone know anything else about them. What is their purpose? From all the encounters Ive read about the BEP,two descriptions are certain, they are mostly very tall and fast men.And that seems to be the point where the truth ends and stories are created,unfortunately.

Nov 28, 2010
Black-Eyed Truth
by: Amynta

I have been doing a lot of research on mythical creatures for a book i'm writing and this particular creature really captures my attention. Just the thought of this creatures makes goosebumps go up my arms.
The summary of the one girl's experiences with the black-eyed vampire,in my opinion, is hard to believe but i do think that there are some truth to her tales.

Nov 17, 2010
Black eyed being
by: Anonymous

Thomas, I'm so curios to know what you mean? Like demon possession? Would love for you to share with us!

Nov 16, 2010
Sincere Advice
by: Thomas

I know exactly what is happening and it is not good. My advice would be to pray to God and ask him to help you. Put your soul in his hands. He has power over all things! Remember.

Nov 11, 2010
Black- eyed
by: Anonymous

Aye dont ask who i am i know little about black eyed freaks and i am a vampire and i had an encounter with them (physical fight) these guys are strong dont let him touch or say anything to him tell him to get out of your house because once he has had it with you your dead warning do not let him touch you kill him wood works.

Oct 26, 2010
part 2 of skeptic reply
by: Carol

She was very scared of him. It showed all over her face. She started to tell me that I need to protect myself from this thing. She even mentioned an exorcism. Then she started praying to her goddess or something. As for me? I was thankful this all happened. Why? Because I know 100 percent it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me. And to have someone tell me EXACTLY what my experience was without me having to tell her anything proved to me beyond a doubt that this encounter I had with this creature is real. And that he's up to no good.

Anyways, I just wanted to set the record straight with the skeptics here. You have a right to believe in whatever you want to believe...A married woman who doesn't have her husband's attention so she concocts this utter romantic fantasy to enlighten her bored married life...That's a good one! I really like that one! Maybe this will be a Bestseller...hmmmmmm....

Oct 26, 2010
In reply to the skeptic remarks
by: Carol

I am Carol and I am the one who's experience you just read about. I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinions.

In all truth, I don't know who the hell this being is or what the hell he wants. I have read many stories about the Black-eyed beings and I can say with utmost certainty that THIS being is not. The only similarities to the Black-eyed beings are the eyes, and the wanting to be invited in. Did I fear for my life like EVERY encounter with people and the Black-eyed beings feel? No. I did not fear him at all. I didn't feel any adrenaline or fear urging me to flee, telling me that the creature before me is pure evil. I DID NOT experience any of that. So therefore, I must safely assume that this creature I encountered was not a Black-eyed being!

Second, I am NOT a Twilight fan. Never read the books and never will. I think this vampire stuff is stupid and really getting out of hand. I attributed this creature to be a little vampiric because of the strange dreams I had, because of the fangs that I saw, and because of the long fingernails. I personally don't believe in vampires. And I never said that this being WAS a vampire. I only declared that it was vampiric somehow.

Third, he says that I am one of them? Well, I can assure you that I am not. I don't look like them (whatever the hell they are) nor do I want to. I like my greenish-blue eyes very much, thank you.

I am starting to suspect that this creature, although I don't feel any evil coming from him, has other motives for his presence. And the fact that he lied to me saying that I am one of them makes me wonder what ulterior motives he has in saying that.

Lastly, my sister and I went to Salem two weekends ago. We both had a reading done by this psychic medium witch. Without me telling her anything, she immediately told me that there is this dark being that is following me around. And she began to describe him to me: black hair with black eyes without the whites. And then she told me that she could see how this being entered my room and stood floating above my bed! All this without me telling her anything!

Right then and there I knew that what I experienced that night was NOT my mind playing tricks on me. I received corroboration. And to make matters even worst he even showed up next to her and whispered evil things to her ear about her family. She told me right then and there that this creature was evil and that I needed to get away from him. She felt he was after my soul somehow and would find ways to get it...wither it was through seduction, lies, whatever.

Oct 22, 2010
The Owl
by: Alexander

I remember watching a movie which was made on real events(real tapes,real records made in the 90's)
This woman(a psichologist) had lots of patients who saw a owl or something like that outside their homes.. Then they were terrorised and ended up killing themselves and others..The psichologist still lives ..She also says that her daughter was also abducted by those creatures.. I wrote this because my atention went to the "dream part" with the winged creature.. white wings..
I don't know what to say.. There are many strange things..Are they human,demons,are they from schwarze sonne dimension?Are they the annunaki?
All those questions, yet if you keep answering them you come to one big thing.Religion.. All those things float arround religion..Masonry,Demonism,Politics,Aliens..
I don't know what you could do with the black eyed being.. Go to a church. or try to talk him into telling you different things about who he was..
Ask him if he ever had been in the army if he ever was a human.If he was ask him about Philadelphia project or the Schwarze Sonne or SS Paranormal.. or any other projects that involved the supra-natural that began in world war 2/or it's end.
As about vampires.. those don't exist.. I am Romanian.. Vlad Tepes was NOT a vampire..There is no creature that sucks blood to feed..If a human drinks amounts of blood he will puke,feel sick,probably die.Also a demon doesn't need any physical material to live..Spiritualy they feed with fear,emotions,etc..
I don't know..Worst experience I had that I might relate to demons ,was when I dreamt of entering a lighted room and someone/thing started to choke me..

Oct 19, 2010
Don't Invite Evil
by: WildKat

I agree with Momo - I think there's a good possiblity that it's a demonic entity.

Oct 09, 2010
dont trust him!
by: Momo

Dont trust him i re-say dont trust him!! ive read soooo many stories about this ive read ive studiedd i might only be 15 but ive read alot he might act like a nice person but they always have a motive always! be careful

Sep 27, 2010
Similar experience
by: Shadow's Dancer

Had a similar experience via dreams and physically,when I was younger. Since 10 except it appeared as a apparition and another time like a very black formless shape in the hall.

After that it maintained contact vividly threw dreams astral and lucid dreaming even in deep meditation.He seem to have a strong affection towards me or at lest comes off that way.

He had all black eyes and hair, and pale skin and was very handsome,he had something like fangs but they don't show often -very well dressed, however I always affiliated him with death like a grim reaper.

He carried a similar message basically referring to me as family but don't see how that is logically possible. I am a women of believing only what makes scientific and logical sense so to me this is a strange notion.

I've had weird things for a bit happen in my home when I felt him around physically, but he's never hurt me if he is real so I'm not too worried.

He just mostly takes things he likes that are mine,moves things tells me things via dreams like where to find hidden things gives advice etc rather helpful -just has very scary eyes and a very powerful energetic aura.

My family has a heritage of spiritual gifts and i've been told this is how I can experience these things but I'm highly skeptical.

I do study the supernatural, but I like facts more,In short the whole experience is interesting but no provable at the drop of a hat.
I usually dismiss the experience as something very strange,until it can be prove with out a doubt tangible.

I don't really care if people believe me, as I question the experience myself.

Sep 15, 2010
by: Phoenix

It sounds very like a bad fan-fic of Twilight. A being takes you dancing, sweeps you off your feet, you feel drawn to him... scratch that, it sounds like a really terrible Harlequin Romance ripoff. There is almost nothing to link this to BEK sightings other than the eyes, particularly when, as has been stated, there haven't been any fangs or telepathy or dream interference. It sounds highly suspect, and very romanticized. That, and all the wishful thinking wrapped up in being "one of them". Are you sure this wasn't submitted by an 11-year-old member of Team Edward?

Aug 29, 2010
Yeah right!
by: Anonymous

I have an open mind and also believe there is definetly something strange going on where these black eyed people are concerned BUT this sounds like something from Salems Lot by Stephen King. The reports of black eyed people do not include telepathy, and as for the woman being 'one of them'!!! yeah ok! Also none of the other BEP had fangs. Purleeeez lol. Pendants and all that too. Now I have seen and experianced some strange things but this is just too tacky and fantised. No self respecting black eyed guy would act in such a vamperific stereotypical way surely.

Aug 16, 2010
I just don't know
by: Anonymous

this story may be a good read for a story around a fire but the reality is way off. Why would a creature like that not harm you. If you believe that a vampiric creature tried to seduce you and came that close to you for all these years and did not harm you must be reading to much of those twilight books

Aug 03, 2010
by: Mike (G&M)

Looking back on this story after several months I totally understand people's skepticism, but it's still interesting to me that this story was brought forth without any pretense or offering of myself.

The comments are right - this is also the first time I've heard of someone who has actually willingly encountered one of these beings. This is an extraordinarily rare occasion in the paranormal world - one that I have actually yet to find on any other website.

Is it true, or is it not? That's not for us to decide, only to speculate. But none (if very few) of us would even get here if we didn't believe to some extent in the probability of the Black Eyed People. So I say - offer the benefit of the doubt.

I'm pretty sure we've all seen weirder and worse.

Jul 09, 2010
by: F,M


Jul 09, 2010
by: Anonymous


Jul 07, 2010
by: Jade

OMG! Dat is so strange, you should be careful even though you dont feel treathened and you dont feel he will hurt you. The colour of the pendant is what i'm worried about, its a sign of the colour of the devil or something like that but i know its an evil thing so just be careful and praying will help maybe figure out what he wants and for sure keep you safe. Take Care!! : )

Jul 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow...this is the 1st story i've read of someone letting one of these beings in...the black eyes & telepathy powers make me think it's an alien...possibly a Grey. Not all of them mean harm but they're not all "good" either...great story :) thanks for sharing!!

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