by Protectnserveu
(Oceanside, California)

2555 - that number may very well be very important to you shortly. While this isn’t any longer about me I think you deserve a little back story. Seven years ago I was a producer, artist, educator, and graduate school applicant. Upon entering graduate school I quit music and began applying my education and passion to my profession. This began a program working with student clubs and organizations and my music equipment.

Things got interesting while I was working with the Other’s Writers Guild. When this club was chartered we already had a Writers Guild but the founder wasn’t impressed with their mission. After a semester of trying to work with the writers guild, he petitioned for and founded the Other’s Writers Guild. One of the projects that I worked with this club on was a horror story show for the college radio station. The Others Writing Guild would write the stories, the drama club would read them, I would work with the recording club to schedule the time and record the stories. The founder wrote a story that he wanted to record his self and that is where 2555 comes into play.

This is not a once upon a time type story. It happens right here right now. The past eight months for me have felt like being slowly skinned alive. I have no desire to explain how that darkness felt, I am through it, it is done. I do though feel an obligation to warn my course of action may not have been the wisest but it was the quickest I could handle. I has taken me approximately eight months to complete my task. Which was plainly put to assign 2555 demons that entered “my” portal to human subjects.

These people just had to basically be real. Not necessarily acquaintances, I didn’t have to have a personal relationship with them. All I needed basically was a name, email, photo, ip address, login, pretty much anything that led the demon to the individual was good. Doing this though does not come without a cost. In this 8 months I have moved 6 times, lost 1 parent, 17 friends, changed jobs 3 times, and had 3 health emergencies. I didn’t believe in karma 9 months ago but I am a firm believer now.

I was warned by the one I relieved, do not just rush to get through this duty. I have a finite number I must assign. Pace myself, work in self care, happiness, and purpose other than dune and I will make it through fine. He said it took him 2 years and 4 months to assign them to me. Told me he chose me because he believed I would either grow from the experience or sink lower than anyone else he knew. He said I had the widest range of possibilities and he was going to enjoy watching. He warned me that I couldn’t assign any of the demons to any of the previous concierges as the demon would reject the assignment and would not advance until an allowable recipient is assigned.

Tomorrow I assign my replacement. This assignment was due to my replacement’s self-righteousness and boorish manner. I can promise you one thing - my replacement is listening right now. Soon the most frightening thing ever imaginable will be welcome than what greets you each morning awaiting assignment. You will have 2555 assignments to make chose your pace and take of yourself.

A few suggestions.

Resist the temptation to make it personal.
a. Bringing these things in your circle in any way. Bad idea.

Keep the percentages in any one community low. a. These things wreak havoc in peoples lives. The more in a community the bigger the impact. I have found 10% in any community and you have a severe problem.

Significantly increase the positivity you bring to the world. a. Karma is real and the harm you are bringing needs to be offset with a lot of good.

Do not tease the demons. a. These things are pure evil and can read us like we could a pet or child. Technically you are off limits, any concierge is, but your family and things you love are fair game.

Hey person I picked when this starts for you - I want you to think about what you did and remember me. Actions have consequences huh buddy? Sucks to be you.

And that was it, the next morning my room stunk, and the most terrifying thing I had seen to that point in my life greeted me. I did remember that little punk and his passive aggressive so called revenge. I took the hand I was dealt decided I would take my time and now 7 years later I am passing the torch. I can promise you one thing, my replacement has just read this story.

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