Ancient to Modern Mythology is dedicated to deciphering the mysteries behind modern mythology by using ancient myths and folktales as a guide. From understanding the ancient gods and goddesses to sharing tales of recent paranormal encounters to identifying unnatural creatures, this site aims to provide information about yesterday's myths and today's mysteries.

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  • Mermaid Mythology - Do mermaids actually exist?  An in-depth look at mermaid mythology looks at where these creatures have been throughout history.
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Since the dawn of man, mythology has tried to answer life's greatest questions through stories and legends. Village elders from different cultures around the world passed on tales of creation, explanations of the meaning of life, and stories of the gods and monsters that rule the earth and the heavens.

Each culture has developed its own myths, and as people have moved about the Earth, and as armies have conquered foreign lands, many of these stories have moved with them.

Mythology is both the link to our past as well as the spark that inspires the flames of inspiration for modern day storytellers. The everlasting power of myth is all around us, informing our lives and personal experiences without us even knowing it. Once you begin to learn more about mythology, folklore, and ancient legends, you will begin seeing their influence everywhere.

As a mythologist, my goal is to bring you these stories, these myths of gods and monsters in a way that is both poignant and authentic. We will visit ancient legends and figure out how they have affected modern storytelling, as well as the very belief systems we hold as truth today.

Covering the ever growing world of mythology is a lifelong project for me, and as such, I expect this site to grow as we walk this journey together. Return often to find new information, updated stories, and connections to relevant places to explore.

I hope you enjoy

-Mike Belmont, mythologist

"All myths are profound, and unless we make a little effort to think on a level of life other than what's for dinner... there's nowhere out of the snakepit of meaninglessness we have built with our own smallness." from "Astrology for Lovers" by Liz Green

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