About This Site

My name is Mike Belmont. I have unofficially studied mythology and folklore my entire life, always hoping to someday be able to formally document everything I have read, heard, and experienced. This site is that thought come to life.

A Singular Truth?

With all mythology there is, of course, no one truth, but rather a variety of perspectives, stories, and personal accounts regarding each topic. If you want to read every poetic translation of every ancient Greek fable be my guest, but you won't find them on this site. Rather, on Gods-and-Monsters.com I have chosen to take a different approach. Each myth, legend, creature, and cryptid has been researched from a variety of sources in order to come up with a singular "truth" for each. By that I mean I have, in most circumstances, compiled all of the research and determined the most reasonable, likely, and historically accurate description of each myth. Where a singular likely explanation cannot be made, I will of course present the variations for the reader to evaluate.

Though there is no "hard truth" to most of these legends, there exists some evidence to support each one. That evidence is weighed heavily in determining the "real" version of each myth, legend, and character from folklore.

A Note To You

I'd like to thank you, reader, for giving this site purpose. Now that I am reaching thousands of new people every day it makes putting in the work that much more rewarding.

As you may have noticed, this site is always growing. I try to update several times a week, if not daily. It is a labor of love, but I also put ads up to try to supplement my income. I realize that not everyone loves having ads on the pages, but my goal is to make this site my full-time job and thanks to readers like yourself I'm getting pretty close.

Ultimately, my hope is that (like any discipline), those of us in the mythology and paranormal fields can expand on one another's work. In the spirit of paying it forward, and hoping that others out there can continue with the work I'm doing here, I will tell you that the key to getting so much traffic here from around the world is that I only use this system to do all of my web site and traffic building, and it has been, as they say, a god-send.

Whether you are here to learn about monsters or ponder the greater questions of the universe, I thank you for coming and hope that you find what you are looking for.

-Mike Belmont

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