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Fairies and the Fae -

Between faeries, fairies, and fae many creatures are considered part of the Fairy family, but which ones really count? Find out here.

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The Book of Demons

One of my close friends found this site and insisted that I share my story with others who will not criticize me or claim that I am a liar. And I'm not

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Say My Name

Growing up my family has switched religions a few times. When I was born my parents were devout Catholics. Around the age of 10 my family switched churches

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Can Nightmares Be Heritable?

When I was a little girl (5) I always had this recurring nightmare. One day I was talking to my mother and we got on the topic of nightmares. I start

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Our Little Haunted House

We moved into this little 2 bedroom house. There wasn't anything special about it except the bathroom was dark blue. First thing dad did was paint over

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Imaginary Friend or Not?

When I was little I had an 'imaginary' friend, her name was Jane. I was very young when I first saw her and her name was one of the first I ever said (my

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Those Screams Aren't Human

Although this did not happen to me it is a true story told to me by one of my relatives. And I will say even though I believe in demons as I am a Christian,

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The Lady In The Spare Bed

I have another story that was told to me by someone, although it's believable. I know some people are inclined to think the story may have become over

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Not Yet

I woke up and couldn't breathe. In my dream everything was Warm and peaceful. Death was trying to cut a deal with me. His was the voice of compassion,

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Excerpt from my book Clairvoyant: A Chronicle of Paranormal Events on Amazon. This is a True Ghost Story: Chapter 4 Windigo It was the fall of 2003,

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Purple Monster

My daughter, age 5, says she has a purple monster in her room. It has one larger central eye and two smaller eyes on these horn or tentacle things....5

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Me In The Mirror

The following is true. My friend is crazy. Like she's seriously classified as crazy, she's medically diagnosed as a schizophrenic. She's really kind though

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Man With Growing Arms

I'm in my mid to late 30's now and this is my unexplained story, and to this day I haven't heard of any encounters like mine. It was around 11:00ish one

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Guardian In Disguise

All my life I've been a skeptic, I never believed in anything supernatural. That is, until I met my Guardian in Disguise. If you're a skeptic like I once

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Something Went Wrong

So this is a story that my grandmother told me a few months ago. My grandmother is not overtly spiritual or paranoid, and she does not make up stories

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The Shadow Men

I have always been a firm believer in the occult, I have always believed that there are things out there I haven't seen that have power not considered

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I've always believed that there was something wrong with my brain, like a disease or a mental illness and I thought that maybe that related to everything

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Old Student At School

It was my first time in my school when I noticed something strange going on there. I was a newbie so I didn't know where I would go. I was just walking

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The Ghost In My Restaurant

I used to work at a restaurant located in a little strip mall across the street from my house. The location was perfect for me, down the street from my

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List of Greek Gods and Goddesses

The most complete list of Greek Gods and Goddesses you'll find, along with alternate names and descriptions.

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The Truth About Werewolves

What are werewolves exactly? Where did they come from? Our mythologist delves deep into the legend of the werewolf.

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Completely True Facts About Vampires

Everything you have ever wanted to know about real vampires is right here! Our vampire expert answers your questions and gives you all of the facts about vampires.

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Possessed By A Ghost

When I was 11 I had a new born baby niece. It was fun, I would feed her, play with her and give her baths. My brother, who is the father of my niece found

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Shadow People, Dreams, and Premonitions

Hi everyone I wanted to share my story. I will start off with the shadow people. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I was with my brother. We were playing

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First Witness

When I was about 5 I loved everything scary and cool looking like most 5 year olds I guess. I just for some odd reason can't recall this moment just remember

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