3 Encounters, 2 Exorcisms

by Chris

Well I have so many cause my family are spiritual and take development classes, I will just give you my first and last encounters.

The first nothing overly scary however the last one was the worst week of my life. I frequently have contact with spirits and do not scare but this last one did scare the hell out of me!

Anyway I will start with the first story.

At the age of four I used to sleep with the lights on and curtains open as I was scared of the dark.

I remember laying in bed looking out the window and seeing what appeared to be smoke kind of grey/black which formed into 3 large faces. I knew I was awake as I had just got in bed so I did not dream this.

What surprised me was that these faces knew my name and started speaking to me. They asked me lots of questions about my favourite things, like number, colours, toys etc. They were very friendly. They spoke to me for 5 minutes then they said that they would let me sleep and went.

My dad does the pendulum and my step mum is a rakee, both my sister and I often see ghosts that want help to cross over but are unrested.

The last one only happened a year ago, myself now being 25. I was living with my pregnant girlfriend. She was out for the evening and I was laying in bed reading a book and waiting for them to come home. We had no neighbors at the time but through the wall I could hear a baby crying. I thought that was odd as I have not seen anyone move in next door. This crying persisted for a few minutes then followed by shouting for the baby to just shut up and give them some peace.

I then heard banging and some footsteps. I assumed my girlfriend had returned and shouted "hey hun did you have a good time?" No reply, but the noise continued. Thinking they hadn't heard me a again called out but again no reply. I decided to check in case we were being burgled. Nothing was there.

This persisted but I thought I must be tired and ignored it thinking sounds are louder at night.

My girlfriend returned and I said we must have neighbors as I had heard crying next door. The next morning I checked and guess what - the to let sign was still there, no curtains at all just empty rooms and windows.

I then realized that something was occurring but didn't want to worry my girlfriend as she was pregnant. But the next day I had friends over and I saw them out and shut the door behind them. I could feel a presence in the house that whole evening but thought its just a good spirit like always in the past.

I woke up and the front door was wide open! I live on a main road anyone could have walked in at night but luckily they didn't. I then started to worry slightly as I had not had that before and it was pretty obvious then that they wanted harm to be done.

I went to the kitchen and opened a cupboard and took out a plate and put it on the side turned round to grab a glass off the draining board and turned back to see a glass bowl fly towards my head and hit me in the face.

I smiled and thought "Ok you don't like me much do you. Well its my house you are the visitor its time for you to leave, go to the light, meet your guide and leave me alone you are not welcome here."

The next day I got back from work and my girlfriend said to me we have a ghost. I said really are you sure?? Trying to act as if I didn't realize and they said yes I was making tea for friends and full cups of tea started to move around the units. I then said I know we have. I made up a similar story to keep her calm I did not want to tell her about the front door or the glass bowl to the face incidents.

I went to turn on the TV but nothing happened. I looked behind the stand to see if they had been switched off at the wall socket and the plugs about 4 different ones had all been removed from the wall. Not only that the cables had been removed from the back of all the electric appliances. I started to get a little angry which was not the best thing to do having known what I found out later. I also noticed that all the pictures of me we faced down on the mantle piece.

After dinner I decided to do some DIY and started working on putting together a new coffee table my girlfriends called to me from the kitchen and I went to see what they wanted they had made me a drink bless her. I came back and my screwdrivers were gone. I hunted everywhere they were simply gone so I had a half made coffee table and an angry pregnant girlfriend.

That night in bed I heard the crying again followed by the shouting. Finally I got to sleep but was starting to get a bit scared now as the feeling in the house was getting rather intense to a level I had not felt before. As I say I have dealt with spirits a lot and they do not bother me at all, I just help them and they leave.

While my girlfriend was getting dressed they said guess what? I turned and they started to pull out the screwdrivers from her underwear drawer. Again the front door was wide open, we had no one round the night before and I know it was closed.

I came back from work opened the door and a saucepan flew down the stairs at me and hit the wall making a chip in the wall. It scared the living daylights out of me. I made a call to my dad to get him to use the pendulum to find out what is in the house as I was concerned. I phoned asking him to check the house and he told me nothing was there. I thought rubbish I know there is and told him what had been happening. He said they obviously want to cause you harm.

He asked me a following question which was have you or your girlfriend ever done any black magic, Ouija boards etc. I said I haven't but asked my girlfriend. They told me a few years ago they had done one but nothing contacted her in an old flat before I met her and nothing had happened since. I told my dad and he said well then the spirit will be attached to her and he did the pendulum again and found something. He would not tell me what but said that I should imagine white light around me and my partner and not be frightened and he would perform an exorcism from his house.

That evening the room got brighter and I could smell a sweet smell like flowers. Everything felt much better. However I went to bed and I could hear the crying again but this time it was crying like a girl was being hurt which then turned to screams saying "no, daddy no, please no." Then I heard the most evil voice I have ever heard scream "Are You F------ Happy Now You See What You Have Done You F------ C---". I was scared to the point I was sweating and shaking. I do not know how I got to sleep that night.

The next morning the pictures of me again were all faced down but this time the frame glass was cracked. I was having breakfast and all I could hear was banging in the kitchen louder and louder. I went there and the cupboard doors were flying back and forth slamming everything was shaking.

I called my dad again and said it didn't work did you do it last night. He replied "I did it and it went", i said yes i thought it did as well as at 9:01 I felt the room lift, he said "that's the time I did it". I told him about what I heard that night and the kitchen episode. He immediately came and met us.

When he walked in he said "oh my god you really have some issues in here I feel horrid". He walked around the rooms and asked me what had happened in each room. Strangely nothing had happen in the baby room but everywhere else in the house over the last week. He went into the baby room after seeing the other rooms and immediately told me something is in this room but it is good not evil. It is protecting the room from the evil here. I thought that is why our cat is always in that room.
He said there was multiple evil spirits around the house and opened all the windows to the house and placed tin foil on each window seal containing sage and burnt it.

After a couple of hours said everything is gone except the one in the baby room as that is a relative keeping the baby room safe they are here to protect you.

They told me to be careful and look out for any signs of manifestation. On the doorstep I asked what was there but He would not tell me. I still do not know to this day exactly what it was, I believe it must have been multiple demons but he would never say. Does any one have any ideas?

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