6 Month Nightmare

by Luiza Maria
(north ireland)

This is about a nightmare I have every 6 months.

It starts of with a green background, a half burned cottage and a dry trees. Me and a boy (I never remember his face) are walking up to the cottage. We are exploring the half burned cottage when the boy screams in terror. All I see is the boy on the ground in a pool of blood and near him a spider which is white with black stripes, rounded head and big red-green eyes (when I try to remember the spider's eyes red they turn green and when I try to remember them green they turn red).

Then suddenly the spider jumps to me. The nightmare stops when the I see the spider's sharp teeth. The nightmare began when I was seven.

I tried looking up on the internet about the meaning of the nightmare but I never found anything, so if any of the readers have any knowledge about my nightmare please tell me in the comments.

Sorry if my English is bad. English is my second language.

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