A Bit of Backyard

by Drake
(Erie, PA )

Well to start off, I have a decent sized yard a couple of acres with only a few neighbors. I spend a lot of time hanging out in this 'fort' thing that I've built in my backyard at the edge of the woods out of some junk the guy we bought the house from had left. It's not really secure but out of view of my house. I rarely go into the woods for these reasons-

-We have coyotes which isn't the biggest abnormality. I can hear them sometimes even over the trains which are 1/8 of a mile away.

-My dad watched two of my dogs (on separate occasions) walk into the woods and they didn't come back.

-I had my friend George (14) over for the first time a little while back. We hung out right behind the house for a while and decided to go back in the woods. My little brother Fred (8) just had to come along we went back into the woods and after about fifteen yards or so we keep seeing white string tied on tree branches. It's like the same stuff from ripped jeans. Then Fred kept saying something about the birds in the trees and started whining about wanting to leave. We did and after George left I asked my uncle and neighbor if either of them had been tying string on tree branches, both said no. And I had also figure that their huge fingers couldn't tie knots with the tiny pant strings.

-My cousin and I played a trick on my cousin one 4th of July two years ago. My cousin Jack (15) had brought some red spray paint. We had used almost all of it up so we poured the rest on some old clothes my mom was throwing out. We painted them and that night we led my other cousin Mark (11) towards them feeling completely straight faces. It didn't really creep him out but then when we went back tho the fire about twelve yards away he claimed to have seen some tall shade or shadow. Jack and I walked back with him thinking he had just had his imagination running wild after our joke. But when we went back into the first bit of wood we all agreed that we felt some kind of presence. The place had been randomly ransacked multiple times. The heavy stump chairs with backboards were turned over, the drawer I have down there had been randomly opened when this happened, and even some of the cereal bars I've had in the drawer in a box had been taken with the box not very noticeably moved. And my four little siblings will not go down there unless I'm there too.

-And just this last 4th we all swore that we saw something crouching in the fort when we were suddenly woken (Jack, Mark, and I).

-My hammer, railroad spike, and other tools are never where I left them but luckily its never more than a five minute search for them. Like I might have already said my siblings WILL NOT go down there without me.

-Some of my sharpened sticks have gone missing and the wall (lincoln-logged grape posts which is all that is around my area, grapes) once randomly fell directly on my leg.

I do talk to myself sometimes when I'm down there and have tried some stupid stuff (spells and misc. stuff) off the Internet that never seemed to work but I have no idea either.

I can't figure it out, if anyone has any ideas on how to summon something to watch over my "fort", or someway to confront whatever they are cause I think it's more than one what is and they do have plenty of area to themselves once they get behind my yard because no one goes back that far unless their picking grapes or spraying which is only one time a month in the summer or so.

I think that some kind of alchemy of a golem might work but I have no idea especially with that shadow thing.

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