A Bunyip?

by Derek
(Australia, Victoria)

I think I have seen a bunyip. I live in rural Australia, in the state of Victoria. There are a lot of small towns with farms outlying them. My job is as a Qualified Carer so I get to go out to these farms, usually in the daytime.

Lately I have a night time shift to help a client into bed. It's not late: nine pm. Most of the farms are dairy farms and they have lots of irrigation channels plus the Broken Creek winds its way through the towns and country side.

Two weeks ago I was just finishing and said "Good night" to the client. I left the house and went to my car which was parked just under the carport. The outside lights are left on to try and deter unwanted visitors. The light in the car port illuminated my car but the front fence was obscured in the dark.

The client has two old working dogs, kelpie cross, who were both standing just in the ring of light in front of my car. They were looking out into the dark, not moving and one was growling softly. It was a pitch black night, lots of cloud cover obscuring the moon and stars. I looked in the same direction as the dogs.

All I could make out were two red dots about six feet off the ground in the paddock by the house. The house has a paddock between it and the road but this was the side paddock. I got into my car and kept looking at the red dots. I hit the high beams on the car and the spotlights, which are useful for spotting kangaroos, to light up this creature.

It stood stock still and I got a good look at it. It had a hard outline against the night. It looked like it was covered in scales and dark green to almost black in colour. It stood about six foot tall and had no discernible hair or fur. I couldn't see its legs if it had legs as a fence and long grass obscured my vision.

By this time the dogs had moved forward and started to growl. I was scared stiff and glad I was in my car! Next thing I know the creature turned and with incredible speed fled into the paddock and the night. Needless to say when I reached the road I grabbed my Mag Light as I got out the car to open the gate and close it.

I have never seen the creature again, thank goodness and I never mentioned it to my client, don't want to upset them. I think it was bunyip but can't be sure as so many different features of other bunyip sightings don't match.

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