A Choice

I have no story to tell apart from that it is not a lie to say that you have "seen dead" "felt other presences" or whatever it is you have all said in your stories. No one can truly know whether these things happen in real life, or inside your head. Truthfully, a part of me does believe that there is another world here. Perhaps a spiritual one, why is it that we have always written of gods?

Each culture has its stories, are we really just a race that prospects the lives of higher beings? Or are we simply dwindling from the true answer?

I wish I could tell you, but I can't, I have always felt as if we humans do it so very wrong. How can we truly believe we were put on this world to fight each other? Have all this bullshit on the internet feeding the people? Why can't we just realize that we were blessed with higher knowledge, out of all the animals on this planet we are the most wise. Yet we treat ourselves with a disgusting compassion for death and suffering.

Perhaps it is all connected in a weird way, to all of those who see ghosts or are touched by the supernatural, maybe someone is just trying to get through to you, no one can truly understand anything in this world until you step back and realize what we are.

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