A Demonic Dream

by Aries Fulkerson
(south sioux city Nebraska united states)

Okay I was having a dream it was about this trailer that was supposedly haunted because there was a gaping 10 foot hole in the middle of the living room. Anyway I was dreaming and I was riding my bike past the house in the dream and a saw a face that looked like a hooded female. I got freaked out and slammed on the breaks. I ended flipping over and I had a horrible pain in my back.

Then I woke up and I couldn't move my arms or legs as if they weighed 300 pounds then out of nowhere my vision kinda fades then I see a hooded person/witch, kind of looked female, she started to point a finger at my and then she started to say what sounded like to whisper then I immediately thought demon.

I started to yell "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST LEAVE". Then I somehow couldn't talk any more so then I tried thinking it, but then I just passed out. I woke up the next morning with a sense of someone watching me so immediately screamed a prayer and then my parent came running in saying whats going on. I said I'm being haunted. She doesn't know what to do and it's happened more than once with different dreams. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

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