A Fake Lady

by pussy alah
(delhi ;india)

One day when I was browsing late at night somebody knocked on my window and said "come on fast we are already late come one come with me", but suddenly I noticed that I was on the third floor which means two floor above the ground. How can someone knock on the window...?

I become scared and went near to window to see who was that. I frequently opened the curtains and noticed no one was there. Then I saw a shadow just running in the gallery of my house. I directly ran towards my parent room and knocked several times ... but no response!!!!

"What is it?"

"Open the door mom!", I cried.

'Oh god' how could I forget that mom dad are not at home? I took my cell and tried to call them but no network...

I ran toward the door but what I found is all doors were locked...

Suddenly I again saw a lady like figure sitting on the staircase. That terrible look, omg!!!

I ran into my room and just hid myself inside my blanket and soon I had a sleep at around 3:00 pm I notice that I am not alone in the bed. Someone else is also there. My heart came into my hand...

I shouted a lot and notice no one in my room. Was that a dream? Soon I saw a lady standing next to me. She looked very similar to my mom. I saw her and she was my mom only... what a relief...

I talked with the lady for an hour and explained my trouble to her... soon a voice came outside the room. "Open the door.. open the door..."

The door is opened only my mom and dad entered the room and asked me who the hell you were talking too I saw that lady she was not there. From that day I saw her every day.

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