A Few Experiences

by Abbie Brickwood
(United Kindom)

Ok so me and my older sister and younger sister share a room. So I love reading and I always read in our room alone. Sometimes when I read, I see little shadows at the corner of my eye. I ignored it thinking it was my eye playing tricks but they always come whenever I am alone in a room.

Another thing, my uncle lives in my house. I sometimes her his door creak when he is at work and it really freaks me out so I run down the stairs and act like nothing has happened. I also hear creaks on the floor (This house is about 50 years old and the floor make creaks when someone walks. But the creaks are upstairs not downstairs) as if someone is walking upstairs.

My dad and uncle were at work. I get really frightened and I ran downstairs. I see that everybody is downstairs - me, my 2 sisters, my brother and mum - this really freaks me out. I haven't told anybody this. I'm not sure about the history of the house and will look it up. I also feel as if I am being watched or something. But just to say I don't believe in ghosts or spirits because most people say when someone close to you dies, it could be them watching you.

My mum's dad died a few years ago but we weren't that close because we live in different countries and I saw him like twice or 3 times. Not sure. Any thankxs for reading.

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