A Fictional Demon, Real?

by Carri R. Capps
(Elkins, West Virginia)

I have always been fascinated by angels and demons but I'm not quite sure why though. I write for my class at school and I've thought of characters, but hardly any of them being human. There are only two humans out of all of them, the rest are dragons,sprites,angels,demons or some other mythical creature that I thought was cool.

So anyways, I was bored one day and I just happened to be drawing an angel I call Rina when I thought it would be cool to give her a demon version called Anir. Now, Rina and her sidekick Ravio love to appear in my dreams, as that's where they originated although they had been two of my characters before they appeared in my dreams. I usually depict Rina and her gender-bend best friend Ravio to be kind and often random as well as having a fascination for humans and defending all of them when needed, often disregarding their own safety. Anir and Oivar, their demon counterparts, dislike humanity and often will try to deceive or out right kill any human that tries to mess with them and are both generally bipolar and mentally unstable.

But one day I was sitting in my room writing lines for one of Anir's obsessive rants about how stupid humans are getting, when my art pad fell when it was nowhere close to falling and flipped directly to an unfinished drawing of one of my fictional demons, Anir. I then got the heavy feeling I was being watched but I shook it off and continued to write and rehearse lines.

I often have odd dreams involving said angelic and demonic characters although I haven't really thought anything of it save a few times such as when Rina first appeared, but that's a different story. I dreamed I was in Hell, although there was no burning or screaming, save for what Satan barked at me for reasons I'm not really sure of. Anir was there. I can't remember if Oivar was or not, but several other demons where there, standing idle to what was happening. I think it was Anir who I followed into Hell at the start of the dream since I guess I trusted her, I remember following her somewhere. She seemed to enjoy Satan yelling at me in a tongue I had no understanding of, and smiled the entire time. I didn't really do anything to stop any of it, I just sat there like "Whatever, yell at me all you like, I don't care."

All the demons except Anir, were just sitting there and I'm not sure if they were afraid to say anything or they just didn't care, but Anir seemed to love what was happening to me. Then again, a few odd things have happened when her name was mentioned in class, such as a book falling from the shelf for no reason and my friends have even told me when her name is mentioned that they felt as though someone was watching them. I thought they were just messing with me, Anir isn't an actual demon right?

I'm starting to doubt that a little. Often when my mom leaves town, I go to my brother's apartment, that building used to be a hospital, and the 2nd floor where he was just so happened to be where they kept the crazy people. Several bad things have happened to me over there, such as being attacked by a malevolent spirit in my sleep, feeling horrible things around me and occasionally catching something at the corner of my eye. It was over there that I had a temper tantrum over something and that I decided to make Anir a demon of wrath. After I came back, I felt as though something had followed me, but I again ignored it.

I went back to school on Monday, and I was very angry yet I had no reason to be. "Stupid people. All of us are just stupid." I thought. I was less angry on Tuesday, but still angry without reason. I recall Anir thinking the human race as a whole to be stupid, not to mention her constantly being angry for no reason. I thought everyone in my school was stupid, which they probably are but I've never given it much thought. I felt fine the days before I left my brother's apartment, but Lord knows what goes on in that horrid place. Bad things only happen to me it seems. Probably because I'm a kid, and adults hardly believe kids when this happens. The only adults who believe me are the ones who've had weird hings happen to them too. Not to mention my dad's friends messing with a Ouija Board 30 years ago.

I created Anir as an unstable, dangerous, lethal, hilarious, and a very very powerful demon. Now I fear as though what I thought was my own creation, what I made out to be my own potentially insane psychopath we all love to hate, could actually be a real demon? I'm skeptical but I doubt it and yet I don't at the same time. Anir is just the reverse of Rina's name since they're opposites to each other. If Anir is real, I don't doubt the possibility of the others being real also. I also don't doubt she could just be some random demon or spirit posing as Anir to mess with me. Everything bad does. Even I'm afraid of Anir to an extent. What do you think about her existence?

Anir and Oivar were created to represent evil and corruption, as well as stir up trouble and be funny while doing it whether they realize it or not, where as Rina and Ravio to represent innocence and good and will often defeat their two adversaries, often without intention. Anir holds my attention the most because she's just made that way. I also seem to draw her and act for her more than any of the others. She's just a very dramatic and colorful character. I could just be paranoid about this but what do you think?

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