A Lifetime of Evil Encounters

by n/a female

When I was about five years old I remember waking up and going to the restroom (lights all off). I went to the bathroom, came out, and headed to my room when I heard my name. I stopped and heard my name a couple more times behind me. I turned and no one was there... I looked into my brothers room and he was sleeping as were my parents - sleeping. The weird thing is that I wasn't afraid. Instead, a nice feeling grew inside me. I told myself to go to sleep.

When I was six years old we moved to a brick red house with a red fence. I remember going in there and I had a worried feeling that something was very wrong. I haven't exactly told my mom the things that I saw. I heard things too that...were terrible.

My parents and brother decided to watch a scary movie and they made me go to my room. I was mad and went to my room, closed the door, and sat by my bed. I played with my stuffed animals then suddenly I sensed something. I looked up and froze. It looked like a dark yellow hole - big with small black dots - and a black shadow man stepped one leg out and he lifted up his hand beckoning for me to come. I shook my head to say "no". I remember staying in the room frozen.

Another encounter was when I was sleeping one night. I had that feeling again and I opened my eyes. Nothing. I turned, facing the wall, and I thought I heard a noise under my bed. I looked in the crack of what was between the wall and the bed and I saw a pale face with bright blue eyes and blonde or brown hair (I can't remember). It looked afraid, but it smiled a little. It was a boy around my age. I turned quickly, pulling the covers over my head.

Now I'm 18. I've moved lots of times but I see and hear things that make people think I'm crazy. I've seen demons and it's a hell of a scare. I haven't asked for help from anyone, but strangers have said "something inside you is special."

The thing is it's as if the things I've seen have been trying to take me away from here. It's crazy I know, but what do they want from me?

I'm quiet all the time and very shy. I've been bullied in school since I was a kid. I only have one brother. Anyways I had moved with my parents and brother to a home mobile trailer. It was brand new and I still saw things inside. At the time I was only 11-14 years of age. When I was almost 14 I woke up and could only move my eyes. I was afraid for 2 seconds then I got angry and tried to get up but it didn't let me. I suddenly hit the wall with my right hand yelling to leave me alone, and I suddenly could move everything. I had never been so angry to demons.

Another one is when my brother had went to a computer contest and I went to sleep in my room. My mom was sleeping, my dad was sleeping, but I couldn't sleep. I had forgotten that my brother had gone to the contest. I thought I saw the light from my brother's room turn off and on two times. I told myself "I'm probably falling asleep". My dad had left to pick up my brother when I felt something was wrong. My mom told me the next day she had heard noises from the kitchen, then in her closet, then suddenly loud noises from my room. I don't remember the noises but I had sensed something wrong. My dad and brother had gotten home 2 hours later.

I believe in God. I tell him I don't want to see these things anymore. I haven't seen anything since I turned 18. Nothing bad has happened yet. But every year it has gotten worse.

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