A Look of True Terror

by Jenny

This is close to how she was dressed.

This is close to how she was dressed.

You know how people say babies can see ghost? Well I think it's true but sometimes the 'gift' last a little longer for some people.

When I was four I played with dolls, told creative stories, and even sang old songs into a hairbrush. I had never experienced any form of fear. Except for that one day.

For whatever reason, I played with my dolls facing the door. I heard the sound of heels clicking against the floor. No problem right, maybe it's just my mom. Yet the floor upstairs is all carpet.

I looked into the hallway in time to see a woman two feet off the ground. She didn't even notice me. She was too scared of something or someone else. She was all black and white. Dressed in old fashioned clothing. I could easily see her in color though my brain told me black and white.

She turned to look behind her before letting out a soundless scream and she ran into the wall. I hear small things though. Like the desk creaking as if someone was sitting on it.

To this day I will never forget the look one her face. I'm scarred for life no questions asked.

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