A Lust for Blood

by Wyatt
(Northwest Ohio)

Please read and comment? Continuation of "Howling at Night"

It's been a while since I said the prayer. The symptoms I mentioned are becoming more extreme; it hurts my eyes to even be on this website, with the brightness down all of the way, let alone walking outside with snow on the ground.

The figures I've seen appear more often, and in different places. I feel like they're following me. I don't think they're the same person. I think I saw the "human" in school yesterday, wandering down the hallway.

I wear my black onyx silver ring at almost all times; when I'm not wearing one I'm usually in public. For safety.

To myself, I feel warm, but to others I feel cold. I've always had a body temperature averaged a bit below normal, but it's getting more extreme.

Looking at the moon at night calms me unless it's a full moon. If it's a full moon, it seriously angers me.

I was cooking hamburger earlier and had this weird temptation to eat it before it was cooked.

I have a really hard time getting up in the morning, and am unable to fall asleep at night easily. I wake up in the middle of the night a lot.

I have always had "prophetic dreams" in place of normal ones, but only spread apart over months, and only quick flashes. But since saying the prayer, they've become much more frequent, and I've been having them while conscious. It seems that even guessing silly little things like memory cards come much easier and I can get all of the cards in a set without missing one pair.

Perhaps the "beast" was watching me before the "human" was? What if they're fighting? I keep getting these weird ideas and I don't know what they're coming from.

Those two.. I feel like I'm going to have to pick one of them or something.

It scares me.

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