A Night Walk

by Yasmina Renaldo

One night I was walking home from a friend's house, it was about 8:30 at night and I knew how strict my mom was when it came to being late for dinner so I quickly rushed though the dark street which was only illuminated by the dull lamp posts.

As I made my way through the short cut I usually take home I started to feel uneasy, I really have no particular idea why I felt so frightened but I just kept getting flashing images of a man with a burnt face following me. Trying to get these vile images out of my head I quickened my pace and just kept walking. When I heard the sudden sounds of an owl hooting in the distance, but to my horror I realized that these were more human like sounds, I also realized that no owls cough up an asthmatic cough. Whoever was out there was trying to toy with head.

As I got further and further my feeling of dread started to disintegrate, as I saw my little white and blue home only feet away. Thinking that nothing could possibly happen now I started to skip and sing my favorite song, but boy was I wrong. What I witnessed was mind numbing, teeth shattering, and far from ordinary.

Right in the middle of the street was a man. Since it was so dark his features were undistinguishable, but I did notice that there was what looked like another human lying on the ground, a girl perhaps, and that this man was sucking blood from her neck.

I was so horrified. I felt as though icicles had formed all over my body, so doing the only thing that I felt I could do, I tightened my grip on my backpack and sprinted right past the man...creature, whatever it was. Quite frankly I didn't care. I had only ran about three feet when I heard ITs pounding feet and felt a tingly sensation on my neck. Then everything went black...........and ever since that one walk home,I always have the craving for blood and an aversion to sunlight, so if you are reading this please stay in at night, for you may end up the same way.

* Thank you, This story is pure fiction,and I hope you like it.

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