A Painful Howl

by Tabitha Michelle Baker
(Elyira, Ohio, USA)

That moment I was playing video game with my friends, and then I heard a painful howl and I want to ask my friends that do they heard that howl and they didn't. I thought, "Seriously, what's the heck going on?" So my friends said that they REALLY didn't heard a howl. So a few moment later, my friends went home at about 11 o'clock or so.

I was VERY tired, I changed clothes and I joined my sleepy bed. Then I hear the same howl. I am scared right now, so I want to sleep.

Then I fell asleep, this dream that I was dreamed about.

I was walking under a beautifully yellow, full moon above me, then I looked up at these pretty, little stars, I realized that I have been being watched. As I walked, I can see those gold eyes in the bushes, was it a cat or a coyote? What it is, in the bushes made a thin, lost whine sound, then all the suddenly, it growled at me.

I was so afraid that I want to run. I started running, and I heard something chasing me. I stopped at the end of the cliff, I looked down at a little puddle to see the reflection of something behind me, then I fell.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY!! I SWEAR TO GOD, I SWEAR! Thanks for reading my non-makeup story. :)

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