A Spirit

by Nabil

This story is perfectly true, and I'm going to describe the events exactly as they were.

My dad worked in the fields near a bridge. One night the old bridge crumbled and the workers found an alcove near. Lemons, a statue, black candles... no one dared approach it, least of all my dad.

Two weeks after the bridge's downfall, my dad came home as usual at midnight... but something was different. We were all sleeping, but my brother, being very educated in spirits and Islam, woke up, seemingly sensing a presence besides him on the bed. He felt nothing tangible, so he dropped back to sleep. That's when the attacks started.

He felt a nibbling on his neck and something wrenched him from bed with amazing strength. He landed flat on his back and a pressure held him down while his neck, wrists and legs were being heated up. He couldn't scream, but started reading Surahs. Immediately, the attack 'stopped'.

He woke us up to do a reading Qu'ran session. In the morning, we found red marks all over his body. The attacks would start again each night, 3 nights in a row, targeting my brother. In the end, he made such a powerful reading of the Qu'ran that the spirit really exploded. We felt it. The atmosphere seemed lighter...

How did that spirit follow my dad? He got near the alcove to pick up his long knife. Why didn't it attack my dad? The spirit somehow knew that my brother was the most learnt of all.

From then on, we never got attacks at the house. As regarding my brother, he's been attacked twice more, not in the house, but Allah protected him... that's what I believe.

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