A Spreading Haunting

by Kayla

So my mom and my dad live in the same apartment complex but are divorced, so they have separate apartments. I alternate between the two, and my half sister Sam lives with my dad and my mom has no kids. Some occurrences happened at my dad's but now it seems to have gone to my mom's.

So first off, once when I was at my dad's, there was a picture of my grandma hanging on mine & my sister's bedroom wall. We were just sitting on the bed talking and all of a sudden the picture turned upside down. You know when you put a picture on a wall on the top of the frame sits on the nail, hanging down? Well the picture turned 180 degrees and pointed up, stayed like that for maybe 5-10 seconds, then swung back down. According to physics, that should be impossible. It was a heavy picture frame, the fan couldn't have moved it.

Another time, not long after that, my sister had a stack of papers printed with hearts on them, and all the papers suddenly just flew off the dresser with force. Again, the fan wouldn't have done that, and the window wasn't open. They scattered everywhere.

Later on, around 1 a.m., me and my sister were laying on the bed with the lights off on our laptops, and she got up and went to the kitchen, and when she came back she went to close the door but stopped and was staring into the hallway. She didn't move for a second but then she shut the door and turned around with wide eyes. I asked "What's wrong?" and she said, "I swear I just saw a figure move from the hallway into dad's room." I asked repeatedly if she was lying, and she denied it, and then I asked her to describe it. She said it looked about our height, 5'5, and seemed to be wearing a nightgown.

Another time we were in our room, again sitting on the bed, lamp on, listening to music off my sister's computer, when all of a sudden the song playing went wack.. it started sounded like, I dunno, if you've ever listened to recordings of the magnetic waves(or something like that) that the Earth gives off? That mixed with static. And then the lamp shut off. It wasn't the power, everything else stayed on and was fine, and it wasn't the song, cause when we played it back it was normal.

Every now and then we hear weird noises, like water dripping or like someone is sloshing through water, but we check and it's not our showers or sinks or anything.

Well the night I found this site, I stayed up just reading a bunch of stuff off of here(I was at my dad's), and I when I went home in the morning my cork board that I pin stuff to had falling off the wall. I didn't think much of it.I set my phone on my nightstand and slept for a couple hours more, and when I woke up my phone was in 3 separate pieces: The phone, the back, and the battery. I left it together, and the pieces were sitting in a row, as if someone had done it deliberately. It didn't fall, and my mom wasn't home, so idk who could've done it. I also keep hearing bangs(still at my mom's). They're not frequent but they happen at least once a day. I'm not sure if this is a haunting, and if it is, is it spreading? I dunno.. maybe I'm just convincing myself of something that isn't here. What do you think?

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