A Stranger At the Door

by George
(United States)

From a young age I have seen ghosts of my family relatives, as well as people who have died in places nearby.

My family encounters are long because I am not afraid of them. Other encounters I have had are rather short due to the amount of fear that they have struck in my life.

The earliest memory of a dark presence was when I was 3-4 years old. I was looking into an old antique mirror making funny faces at it in the old (haunted) home I lived in. I began to notice my presence in the mirror started to change, my eyes grew dark, my gestures not quite the same. I was curious at the time (a bit too curious) and decided get close to the mirror. I stared eye to eye at what seemed like myself, when all of a sudden a hand grabbed me through the mirror trying to pull me in, laughing at my struggle. I was able to jolt away, and ran towards my parents (both of whom naturally thought I fabricated the story). One week later all of us saw a ghost of a hanging man in the hallway. We obviously moved the hell out of there after that.

This brings me to the present now. I lived in an apartment building with many wonderful and caring friends. The property was older and run down (a typical college student's 1940's apartment building). I invited many of my friends to come have a drink in my apartment with me one night after studies were done to finish out the semester.

I heard a loud booming knock at my door before anyone of my fiends arrived. Typically I though it was someone I knew, so I opened the door without checking (big mistake). There that stood in front of me was a complete stranger, a tall blond haired blue-eyed stranger. I politely asked who he was. He looked at me and smiled demonically, with no verbal response. I asked again who he was but there was no response again. I asked one more time but this time I spoke also spoke in Spanish then French thinking he did not understand English. His smile became bigger and bigger, while staring at me in a rather creepy way. I finally told the gent to kindly F**** OFF, and then slammed the door.

Not even a minute later I hear the same knocking over and over again booming louder and louder and louder.... BANG< BANG< BANG!!!!!

I run to grab my bat, I open the door and yell WHAT THE F*** DO YOU WANT!!!

ALAS I see blood on my door, and his bloody face, with a deep laughter that comes bellowing out.


He then vaporizes and embodies within me.

I slam the door!!! Reaching for my rosary on the nightstand screaming in the pain and the agony that I am in. The walls start to close in on me blood is coming out of my nose, my eyes, my ears. I desperately throw my rosary on trying to pray to for intervention, but I could not speak by my mouth but only through my mind. I was screaming in different words, when finally my best friend (a fellow church goer) kicked down my apartment door unknowing of the horrors he would see.

(Memory recollection stops here until I will later note) I was coughing up blood; my eyes were rolled back in my head, as I was surrounded in a pool of blood. Twitching in agony, my friend sees me pointing to my bible. He grabs it and begins by reciting passage after passage until I am normal.

(Memory is back now) I am now obviously shaken up to say the least. My friend offers to call an ambulance, I refuse, and say that I need to look in the mirror, and wash the blood off me.

I take off my shirt and start the sink. I grab a hand towel. I wash my face then I look at myself in the mirror above the sink looking at the scratches I have on my body... thinking about what the hell just happened.

I grab another towel to dry myself off when all of a sudden I am violently grabbed. I throw my towel from my face and see my mirrored self grabbing my arm just as it did from when I was a kid... while a loud voice echoes REMEMBER!!!

I need not ask who this stranger is, and I need not ask on how to get rid of it because it will no longer affect me anymore. However out of curiosity, has any one had a mirror incident such as that, or seen a dark presence in the form of a wondering handsome 30 year old Caucasian male that is between 5-10-6-2, with short blond hair and a evil malicious smile about him, banging on your door? If you do see such a creature do not answer the door.

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