Acta Non Verba

So I'll start off by saying that I'm a 20 something college student living in the U.S. So as a child I've always been able to hear strange whispering, growling, malevolent sounds around me and sometimes I saw tall, slender dark shadowy beings as well, and all they did was walk up close and stare at me.

I was always scared, but then it stopped suddenly. I don't know why but, during my adolescent years I started to see these black figures RUN AWAY from me, and the sounds, I would no longer hear. It's like these beings were afraid of me.

This was at a point in my life when I renounced my Catholic background and I turned full-on Atheist. But what's weirder is that my friends, family, classmates, random people felt an uneasiness around me. They would feel tired and weak around me, and I wouldn't be doing anything at all, or thinking of anything at all as well.

One of my friends, who is a fervent spiritualist says that when she's around me it feels as if her "lifeforce" is slowly being drained, but not destroyed because when she leaves my company she feels just as strong before. I however feel really powerful around people and have taken great comfort at very large parties now because of this.

My dormmates have also told me they feel a little weak and uneasy around me. But they say they also see the beings when I'm not around, and that when I'm around these beings are in pain, and actually are fearful of me. Also there are no religious instruments in the dorm and my dormmates are Christian, whereas I'm Atheist.

So does anyone know what this means or how it could happen? My spiritualist friend gave me this website and told me to post my experience on here so people with more experience with this kinda thing could help? So what's happening??

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