The Demon Agares

Demon Name: Agares
aka: Aguares
Rank: Duchess
Legions: 31
Strongest: Late March
Demon Summoning: Daytime, blood red candles, carnations, coppers, tiger (animal)

Agares is most often depicted as a decrepit old man riding a crocodile with a hawk on his arm. Strangely enough, those who have summoned "Duke Agares" have reported meeting not an old man, but a beautiful young woman. In fact, Duchess Agares is said to be extremely feminine with an angelic look - a fair skinned blonde with white angel wings. She is also said to be soft-spoken and very friendly.

As far her role as a teacher of mortals, Agares is once again not at all what she seems. The Duchess relishes in teaching "anti-manners", which pretty much covers every "rude" behavior one can imagine, but especially foul language. She can cause earthquakes, make those who run stand still, and make runaways return to their homes.

Mostly, Agares is a voice for the common man. She teaches every language, chases off enemies, defends commoners, and can even bring down high-ranking officials who do not dutifully serve their role.

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