Alice Mari

by Molly Lyon

One day a girl named Alice was walking in the forests when she met a group of popular girls from her school. They started to kick her and call her names. She screamed STOP STOP but they did not. They pushed her and she fell in the stream. She was screaming, gasping for breath. She could hear the other girls scream and run away with terror on their faces. Then her head went under the water, her neck was broken. She was dead.

The police appeared the next day to interview the girls. They said they found her like that, which was a lie, but Alice knew she would get her revenge.

A few days later one of the girls went to investigate when she saw a dark figure in the distance. She thought to herself it looked a lot like Alice, but it couldn't be. It slowly came closer and closer. The girl screamed.

The next day she was found in the stream with her neck broken. She was lying exactly where Alice was found.

Later on that day the girls where interviewed again. One girl was so scared she ran to the only place she could think of - the forest. She ran screaming and crying until one thing distracted her - a dark shadowed figure standing in the forest. It was Alice.

She came towards the girl and pushed her in the stream. Her neck was broken and she was floating away. The same thing happened to the other three girls - all found in the same place all with their necks broken and all with the same blank expression on their faces...

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