Am I Supposed To Be Here?

by Rusdeep

I don't really know where to begin.

When I was younger I always had this feeling that I didn't belong here or I wasn't meant to be a part of my family. Whenever I told someone this, they thought I had family issues and should go to a therapist.

However they didn't understand my problem, from a very young age I always had an interest in mythology and I had my very own secret stash of research that I hid in a hollowed out book. I loved learning about the different creatures that existed and I always envied the people who said they had, had experiences in the past with ghosts and could see the dead.

Recently, Ive taken more interest in looking at my life because I've had dreams about myself in different forms of mythological creatures and I have found out that my name means, lamp of elixir, and I currently live in a house which is #146 and on my birth certificate it says I was #146 to be born that day. I know this all a coincidence to some people but to me this is meant to be.

I've been having these vivid dreams and sometimes I even wake up with signs of the dream such as blood drops, bitemarks and scratches. I don't know whats happening, like I know exactly what is happening but why? Why can't it be straightforward, why do I need to have these strange dreams. Someone help me please.

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