The Demon Amon

Rank: Marquis
Legions: 40
Strongest: Mid-Late April
Demon Summoning: Daytime, red or gold candles, sunlight, gold (metal), lion (animal)

Amon is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating of the 72 Demons listed in The Lesser Key of Solomon. Some believe him to be the very same spirit as the great Egyptian god Amon-Ra. At first, this seemed to me like a simple case of mistaken identity due to the similarity of the names (Amon), but further research has suggested that there may well be more to this comparison than it seems.

First, recall that the word "demon" comes from the word "daemon", which means a high and powerful spirit, without suggesting in itself the concepts of good or evil. It was only over time that the concept of a strictly evil spirit from the depths of Hell (or the Underworld if you will) with malevolent designs took over the idea of what we now know as a "demon".

Secondly, while he has also been known to take the form of a wolf with a serpent's tail, the demon Amon is most often described as having the body of a man but the head of a "raven with dog or wolf teeth" . In ancient Egyptian drawings, the god Amon-Ra was often depicted as having the body of a man and the head of a falcon. Ravens have slightly different heads than falcons, mostly due to a longer beak. If you look closely at a falcon's beak, though, you can see that they have a very distinguishing featured called a "tomial tooth". This extension on the beak is shaped very much like a canine tooth. Armed with this knowledge, it becomes a very likely scenario that whatever conjurer of Amon described seeing a raven's head with canine teeth was actually describing the head of a falcon. In my mind, this gives a lot of strength to the idea that the "demon" Amon could in fact be the same spirit as the god Amon-Ra.

Lastly, one expert demon summoner once described an encounter with the demon Amon in which she was able to see his "true" form. The summoner described a tall, strong, beautiful man with light skin and hair who absolutely radiates positive energy. His companion familiar is an equally strong and proud falcon. This being fits the description of many great gods from around the ancient world, but none moreso than the Egyptian god Amon-Ra.

Whether this demon is indeed an ancient god or not is up for debate. He is said to be able to tell the summoner of anything from the past or future, and that his main role, surprisingly enough, is to galvanize the forces of love and friendship and to encourage amnesty and reconcilement among friends.

Hardly sounds "demonic", does it?

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