An Old Family

by Jim

Unfortunately in our family there is something like a course we all go through...

My grandmother always knew the spell to beat this deamon. She taught it to me and to my uncle.

As the myth says this deamon comes to you when you are εxhausted. He tries to choke you while you are asleep. You can't wake up, but you feel his hands on your neck, it's really scary. You can't see anything just his red eyes staring at yours.

My grandmother also told me that if take his hat that means good luck and blessing. I'm sorry I can't tell you the song you must sing when he grabs you, but it's a family secret.

As an experience trust me it's horrible because you can't breathe, only pray...

If he chokes you you wake up with a very big headache and you feel your brain ready to break for at least one day.

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