Angry Spirits

by Jenny

I really don't know what I did to anger any ghosts. A similar looking relative or something?

I didn't have any paranormal experiences for six years after my first. So as a ten year old girl, I did not handle it well.

I was playing a game with my new neighbor when my family told me they were going out. So I waved my friend goodbye and went inside. I turned on the alarm and began to watch T.V.

As I began to fall asleep, I heard a loud thump. I mean like really loud. The speaker by the T.V. had fallen. Naturally, I began freaking out. That speaker falling randomly went against Newton's first law. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

My dog began to bark so I went too see if my family was back. He was in the bathroom barking at the mirror. By that time I was shaking. I'm not a fan of Bloody Mary.

And it just cracked. The glass shattered so I stumbled back to avoid losing an eye. I heard angry screaming coming from outside. A woman in my backyard calling me a liar. She looked horrible. Her dress was torn and her eyes, god have mercy, weren't there.

I remember screaming and running off to find a phone. I was calling the police for sure. After that, the house went silent.

My family later returned and I got the belt for breaking a mirror. I did not get sleep that night. Around sunrise, my beautiful snow globe cracked and my bedroom door locked itself.

That disgusting lady from before came crawling from under my bed. Her legs bent abnormally as she looked up at me. As I began to cry she grabbed me. It was brief as if she was too weak to hold me. Her hands were wrapped around my neck and I was frozen.

Then she kind of vanished. Leaving me crying with a new scar. Her hands were ice cold yet here I was with a strange shape branded on my neck.

No one believes it happened. A glass breaking ghost with a death grip?

I haven't experienced anything else. Though I have heard some strange noises and see the occasional shadow though no one is there. I have had dreams though, with her watching me with no eyes.

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