Are They Who I Think?

by Seasonstar

Hello, I'm Seasonstar. You may know me from other sites (I always use the name Seasonstar). I'm currently living in the U.S and have a beautiful house. Well- that's what outsiders would think.

First- walk in the door. Pay CLOSE attention to the change in atmosphere and how you feel yourself. When I walk in, I feel the light air from outside turn suddenly extremely heavy. I myself become very tired and irritable. Everyone is easily angered there, but no one believes me when I say it's the ghost, except for my aunt and grandpa who have seen and heard weird things. My aunt always complains to me about the same changes when she walks through the door as well.

Well, in this house you think you are either extremely paranoid or hallucinating. Neither is correct (unless you really are paranoid, but it's not the cause of the things that you see). While in this house you always see objects being lifted, but when you turn they are back as they were. You may also see shadows darting across hallways, or people standing at the edge of your vision. When you turn - it's always gone, and it happens extremely often. Truthfully, you can't go ten minutes without seeing something playing at the edge of your vision when nothing's there.

Before I inherited the basement from my grandpa, he and my aunt said they saw, heard, and experienced really weird things. They told me that every time they got into a fight, the wheat bin in the pantry (which is right above the room) would slide back and forth, hitting against the walls. When they went to see what was going on, it looked at if it hadn't moved. Also, down there they heard a chair sliding across the floor even though they were the only ones home. They go upstairs and the chair had been moved across the floor.

Down there they said their TV would turn itself on and off, DVD's would eject themselves, and cups would slide across tables onto the floor of their own will. Not fall, but slide to the other end of the table and fall off.

After a long time of this going on, my aunt said that in her room (which was on the top floor) her son would say that he saw "the monster". The monster he described as looking very old and wrinkled, human-like, and with an air of evil. Now he's only three at this time, and he was describing this thing pretty well, says my aunt.
My aunt saw it one day. They were leaving the house so she could go to work. She looked at the side door, and saw this creature staring out at them. She screamed for my grandpa to stop and went inside to check who was there. No one was in the house.

Now here's where my stories come in.

When I was little (at a different house), I was playing with my cousins when I turned to my aunts' life-sized porcelain dolls. I saw their eyes trained on me, and they moved back into position. Everyone told me that I had an active imagination - but I knew better. I had seen their eyes move. Ever since then I was terrified of porcelain dolls.

Well a couple years ago, I got a porcelain doll from my cousin. A year ago my sister got one from another one of our aunts. At first I thought it was them who watched me as I fell asleep at night - but now I know better.

When we changed our room around I put both porcelain dolls in my closet (they all somehow find their way into there no matter how hard I try to keep them out for the giver's sake). When I went to sleep that night - I still felt like I was being watched from the same place the porcelain dolls were previously. Every night I felt it, even though the dolls were never moved.
I eventually moved into the basement. When down there I got a cat from my grandma from my mom's side (the aunt and grandpa living with us are on my dad's side). His name is Simon - and we believe that he was abused before my grandma found him just a few months prior to my getting him.

Simon gets scared all the time down there. Sometimes I'd see his owl-eyes get bigger (if possible) and he'd stare in petrified terror at the crack in my window, or at the corner of my room. I already know there's a ghost that likes to scare him, so I tell him to just look at me and ignore it, then I turn to where he is staring and I say; "Leave my cat alone! Does it give you pleasure to scare something as pitiful as a cat? If you want to show off try and scare me instead!" I know, provoking ghosts only gets yourself into trouble. Now shut up and let me continue.

I can pinpoint and point out every place you get the feeling that someone is there, or that you are being watched. Mostly it clings to ceilings, and I can almost see what it looks like myself. My sister thinks they are monkeys that were experimented on- because they cling to the corners of our ceilings. I disagree. I see them ever so slightly at the edge of my vision. They are human-like, look supposedly male, have dark red or black skin, are misshapen, do NOT have glowing eyes, and really demonic. They don't scare me, but more get me really mad and protective over my cats, although I know it's trying hard to scare me. The proof will come later.

So I'm walking downstairs, and I see the shape of a male human shadow. It's walking around in my room, and I pause where I am on the stairs. I watch as it slowly moves from what would be the middle of my room towards me before disappearing. After it disappears, my cat Simon walks out to greet me. He seems to be entirely oblivious to the man's silhouette that had just walked across my room. I'm not wondering if the creature had somehow possessed my cat and caused the shadow before leaving, or my can wasn't in the same room and crossed the sheets (which we use as walls to separate the food storage and my room) to greet me after it disappeared.

Also, after I started trying to protect my cat from the ghosts, I've been having these dreams (only in that house) where something is trying to kill me. Always, and it's never the same person. Yet I have noticed that they are all male, just like the ghosts in my house. In fact, from what I see at the edge of my vision, these guys look a little bit like the things in my house. In these dreams I always feel like whatever they do (stab me, punch me, shoot me, etc.) I can feel physically and it hurts badly. When I awake it doesn't hurt anymore- and there is no wound. I know they are trying to attack me on purpose- but I'm not afraid. In fact- I tell them that I'm not scared and that they have to try harder.

Well- I should have learned my lesson the first time I used provocation. Well, I'm just a stubborn Irish-Cherokee and refuse to step down.
Not a week ago I was falling asleep in my bed. My parents were at work, and my brothers and sister were gone as well. My aunt, cousin, and grandpa were the only ones there with me, but I was down in the basement and they were on the second floor.
I'm a mild insomniac- so it's extremely hard for me to go to sleep at night. Yet what I experienced I know is supernatural and real.

I see a dark haze moving out from behind the wall where my stairs pops out. It moves slowly out, and darts back it, only a gaseous haze and nothing more. I watch, fascinated, as it starts coming out again. A sudden wave of drowsiness made my eyes grow heavy- and the last thing I see before going to sleep was the dark haze coming all the way over to my bed and materializing into a solid figure that looked half-decayed (I can see bones in places) and it was grinning wickedly at me, bending towards me. It mouthed something before the drowsiness took me into the dream world- again something trying to kill me.

I know the sleepiness that came to me then was not natural- and that whatever it was had induced it with whatever power it had. I also have no idea what it told me before I blacked out.
You know the best part- I'm still not afraid, and I'm still provoking it every time I go back into my room.

Any comments would be welcome!

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