Are Vampires Heartless?

by Gene
(Maharashtra, India)

I have heard vampires are heartless creatures? They do not feelings?

I wouldn't say that they are heartless, but there are reasons why vampires have earned this reputation over time.

Remember first that vampires used to be human. As much as one could want to there is no way to "get rid" of your human emotions once you have experienced them. Vampires also keep their human memories, which, like the rest of us, informs their mental and emotional state.

Most humans, over time, become less sensitive to life in general. By old age many have learned to accept death as a natural part of life, and many people end up quite jaded by a series of negative life experiences. Imagine if this just continued for centuries. Add to that losing everyone you've ever known and loved, then add to that a decreased emotional attachment to death altogether.

Compare it, if you will, to a human that eats meat. You may have pets at home and may have a fondness for animals in general, but you can still detach emotionally enough when you sit down to eat meat. There is no reason to believe that vampires wouldn't think of humans in this same respect. They may even like certain humans, but they probably stay detached so that they can feed without guilt or hesitation. I'm sure that if chickens could have an opinion about the humans who kill and eat them, they would consider us heartless too.


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