At War With Demons

by Donte
(Michigan, USA)

My name is Donte. I come from a family that has Greek God in our blood. I've had battles with demons, but I'm not as strong as my older bro. This isn't no bullsh**t story like other people have. This is real. I've had many experiences. I once knew nothing, but when my brother (A.K.A Storm or Yami) came into the picture I learned quickly. I also visited the astro (A.K.A spirit) world and here's my story.

(Night) 3:07 am Saturday

The first time I astro-projected I was laying down thinking of what I was taught so I tested it out. You need silence and darkness. Slowly close your eyes but keep your spirit within you. Your inner conscious has three doors but you want to go to the middle. That's what I did and while I was doing that I began thinking "this is no use", I knew this was all fake, but then I turned around to see myself sleeping (this was no dream). I was taking control of my spirit and I could see a bull demon trying to possess me - the thing is it couldn't. I was so scared I ran out of the house! I woke up to find my dad yelling "I thought the door was locked go to bed!"

Friday night

My friend Jordan and I just got done training, so I tried going into the spirit world. This time I was forbidden to go by my brother, but i didn't listen. I went in but I noticed the spirit world didn't have any doors just a new world - a universe. While I was there it was pure dark and there was a demon that told me not to say anything to anyone but I refused. It vanished and I was looking at a reflection of myself it told me that I was to stay here. My spirit wasn't in my body anymore. My reflection was distracting me the whole time so I couldn't get back to physical body. My reflection told me one day an arch angel will come down and destroy you all.

This was my spell. Thank God I said it wrong or I'd still be possessed. Call upon a demon as a witness of your joining chant:

- i call upon a demon to be sent up from hell, make them a witness of this irreversible spell -

If a demon does not appear this can mean that it has not worked or the demons are not accepting your invitations or that your soul ISN'T black enough to join the demon ways. However if the demon does appear then chant to it:

- I have made up my mind, I will never go back, make me a demon, turn my heart black -

I was possessed. Jordan said that my physical body was throwing things everywhere and crying out "the demon is crossing over to our world now!" Shortly after that when everything seemed fine I turned to Jordan while on a laptop saying "come over here it's safe don't worry"
he was on the phone with tears in his eyes. I laughed then burst out in tears "why don't you believe me?!"

I ran at him with a knife (somehow I could see what was going on from the spirit world). Serberus, one of my spirits, was trying to fight the demon. He told Jordan to take the knife away from him. He did so and I went outside punching the walls and yelling in different tongues. I finally was back to myself but I felt dizzy and out of energy and like i needed food...

Big K

There was a abandoned Big K and I walked in so many times but this time it smelled like something dead, like the dead body of a human. There were a bunch of demons surrounding us. I chased a witch up the stairs and my brother left. I went to go tell him the he needed to come. Something pushed me down the stairs and I fell on some glass. I ran out and a huge shelf almost crushed me. I ran out while watching my brother destroy 700 demons but I know still that there's something in there.

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