Attacked at Night

by cindy de la rosa
(gauteng south africa )

I am a firm believer in all this, having being brought up around the spirits.

What I am about to tell you happened to me about 4 years ago. I was staying in Gaborone Botswana with my dad and step mom. When I used to go to bed at night I would lay in bed and watch TV and often felt like someone was sitting on the end of the bed. You could see then indent in the mattress and it used to freak me out.

On this one particular night I went to bed as normal and all seemed to be okay. It was around 12 or just after when I woke up to go to the loo. As I got up to turn to get of bed I felt something grab my thighs on the inside and hold my legs open. I started to scream and the cat was in the corner hissing and hair standing up. I couldn't see anyone on top of me not sure how long it lasted, but I remember I still stood up, switched the light on, went to the loo, and thought to myself "did that just happen?"

In the morning you could see bruises on my thigh and I asked my father "did you not hear me shouting last night?" Our rooms were right next door to each other. He said he heard a soft noise but didn't think any of it.

I don't know what happened to me that night or what it was but I do know it was real and it felt like I was going to be raped with the way my thighs were grabbed and held down.

Does any one have any comments on what this could be?

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