Awakening Of The Dead

by poppy

My name is Poppy, I died when I was 12. On the night of my death strange things happened. It was as if I was in a hell on earth.

10.00 am
I was listening to the radio when the music stopped. I was supposed to be alone but I could feel someones presence. I stood up walking into the front room away from the self stopping radio. I sat on the leather sofa and closed my eyes.

1.00 pm
As I opened my eyes I saw I was sprawled on the floor my body was cold and stiff. I could not move. The light flicked on and off as a dark thin shadow crowed over me.

Time unknown
I was in a white room alone. Rips began to show on the wall; horrible scratching sounds filled my ears. Pain filled screeches filled the air; the worst thing was they were made by me. I dropped to the floor and all of the sudden the room seemed a blood red colour. I heard deep voices in my ears whispering my thoughts! Was this death?

I could see my body in the center of the room covered in blood. It was as if I wasn't me! I was no longer inside my own body! I could see my pale face my teary blood shot eyes and my matted hair.

My name is Poppy, I died when I was 12 on the 17th of March 1998. You may wonder how I wrote this being dead, but you will find out at 12.00 am tonight! You will feel my pain and be one of me.

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