The Demon Baalberith

aka: Beale, Beall, Berith, Baal-Berith
Rank: Duke
Legions: 26
Strongest: Early to Mid August
Demon Summoning: [Details Unknown]

Known by many names, this powerful Duke of demons is most commonly known as Baalberith which translates into "Lord Berith" (Ba'al Berith). He appears in the form of a soldier riding a red horse, wearing red clothing and a golden crown. He speaks with a clear, subtle voice and is said to be a fine singer.

One of the most well known of the named demons, he once famously possessed a nun in Aix-en-Provence, France. When a priest began an exorcism, Baalberith freely offered up his name, the names of other demons involved in the possession, and even gave the priest recommendations as to which saints to invoke to oppose them! Why would he do such a thing? It seems that Lord Berith has a bit of history with the kings and churches that came after his time.

Long ago Berith was the patron god of the city of Canaan. He was beloved by all of his people; so much so that they made small figurines of him and carried them around, occasionally pulling them out to kiss them as worship. He was even more popular than the kings of the region, so when his subjects in the area began uprising, King Abimelech of the Philistines destroyed Berith's temple and banished any worship of him. Those who continued to worship him were persecuted and became considered idolaters. Thus, his once good name became demonized by those who wanted control of his city and people.

One can only imagine that losing everything this way must have hurt. It seems he took offense to how quickly his own people turned their backs on him and seems to have great disdain for the organized religions that followed his downfall.

Duke Berith can turn any metal into gold. He can tell a person anything about their past, present, or future if he chooses to, but those who are not respectful followers of his should be wary of his tricks - he won't hesitate to lie to those he does not like. For those that he does like, Baalberith can increase their social status to a high degree. He can help people get promoted in jobs or government and can improve ones reputation and bestow special titles to one's name.

Those who wish to summon him need a magic ring to be assured of his help. As with Beleth, summoners should wear a silver ring on their left hand and hold it to their face during the invocation. The remaining details of his summoning are unknown.

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