Bad Things

My mother use to date this man who was a hard worker, he had 3 children and was divorced. My dad had divorced my mom and found a new woman. She then kept dating that man and I got to know some of the kids. The oldest daughter was going into therapy for what her mom did to her, such as hit her and burn her. Telling her constantly she wanted a boy; she now has a son but cannot have custody of him.

The mother of the children later heard the father was dating so she went over and sent someone to break our windows. At first we thought it was our father, but our father would never do that. Days passed, the oldest daughter was experiencing some paranormal activity when she was alone at her house. One day she said a man in all black with a white face look at her through the window. She then saw it in her dreams too.

Months passed and again our windows were broken, but this time they were not at the man's home it was at our house. She must've figure out who the woman was that the man was dating. The little brats! The man's children had told their mother who my mother was, who she worked with, and where she worked: also, were we lived. The man started experiencing paranormal activities in his home. And so did I.

I was alone at my house one day and I was cooking I turned for a sec to see my TV show. As I turned I saw someone pass by and into my mom's bedroom... I noticed the light from my room was on and turned it off. From that day I ignored everything happening in my apartment.

More months passed, my moms car failed to start, we took it to the mechanic's shop, he said someone had filled the gas tank with sugar. My mom didn't like this. We then went to a town outside the city to a lady who knows how to read "The Cards". She told us someone has been doing black magic on both my mother and the man. She told us it was an ex woman. Yes it was the children's mother.

Days later, the children's mother got in the house and poisoned the food, although he didn't die he just had a bad stomach ache. The next week the youngest boy have been seeing "monsters" he says in his mom's home. My mother stopped dating the man because she knew if she kept this up, this madness will not stop. It did stop, but not for the man.

I know this for a fact because I am the one experiencing something right now that has not left my side. Don't worry I go to church I pray and ask for forgiveness. I just hope it stops. In conclusion always date someone with no crazy wife.

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