The Demon Bael

Demon Name: Bael
aka: Baal, Ba'al, Beelzebub, Beelzebuth, Enlil
Rank: King 
Legions: 66 
Strongest: Late March
Summon: Black candles, fern (plant), iron or gold

The word "Ba'al" literally means "lord" or "ruler", which was probably the initial origin of this name. It's fitting then that Bael, most commonly known by the name Beelzebub, was considered the highest ranked figure of the 72 demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon, which made him presumably second in power only to Satan himself. The full name "Beelzebub" comes from the words "Ba'al" and "Zebub", which together mean "Lord of the Flies".

Bael was once the god of the Phillistine people. He had many cities named after him (in the various forms of his name) and is known as the original "Ba'al" or Lord among the people. The name "Beelzebub" and the term "Lord of the Flies" most likely come from his detractors, though he was known as a god of healing in the city of Ekron before joining the Orders (of Angels) where he was Prince of the Order of Seraphim.

This King of Demons can make those who invoke him invisible as well as impart wisdom. He can control the weather as was his primary duty back in his days as a god.

In demon form, Bael is said to appear in the forms of a man, cat, toad, or combination of those. In human form he is said to be around 8 feet tall and muscular with brown hair and bright eyes that change color to match his energy.

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