Baron Tophat?

by Dustin

What's up guys. So my story started when I was 10. I was laying in my grandparents living/family room where their TV was and it was really late maybe 1 or 2 in the morning. I heard a door open and close in the hallway and waited to see who it was. I heard steps then probably the scariest thing I've ever seen. A man in a long black coat a skull white face and a top hat. I was terrified. He looked at me with a grin then walked away.

Everything went normal til I was 13 and almost got hit by a truck. I was skateboarding and was gonna drop down a curb but I saw the same man run past me and I stopped at that moment a truck sped past. If I hadn't seen him I would of been hit. Ever since then I see him and have dreams of him giving me warnings. I believe he is the voodoo loa Baron Samedi. Is it possible he could be my guardian angel? Any info or advice would help. Thanks

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