Beautiful Woman

by Arlene
(chicago Illinois)

My father had bought a 2 story house for cheap. Why was it cheap? It was a cheap buy because the family who lived here all died of either sickness or to accidents. I lived in this house when I was around the age of 5.

It was night time and it was the first night sleeping on my own because the house scared me so I would usually sleep with one of my sisters. Well on that night I laid in bed trying hard to sleep when I felt like someone was calling me. I followed it to my window which was on the second floor.

I looked down to the ground and saw a woman. She was beautiful and she was pale, wore a blood red dress, and her hair was long and black. She called me and as I opened the window my mother came into my room. I looked at my mother then back to the window but the beautiful women was gone.

Now at age 15 I cannot forget the woman I saw that night.

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