B.E.K. - You Won't Like Me When I'm Mad

by Xarian
(Sydney, Australia)

I write this.. mainly to try to make some sense in it all & also to share with others that not all B.E.K.'s (Black Eyed Kids) are totally evil, or even aware of what they are...

Twice in my life it's happened, both times due to what I can only describe as moments of pure rage and betrayal. When I "lose it" it has been stated that my eyes went pure black and my hands "clawed" in such a way my friends seriously thought I was about to grow nails and go feral. I didn't... but my eyes certainly went pure black and a feeling of intense dread overcame anyone close, including me. It was that same dread that also kept me from losing total control.

Almost as if the one shred of humanity was pulling me back and total loss of control would result in something much worse. My voice also changed to a very commanding and almost hypnotic resonance.

I seriously thought they were full of crap to be honest... we all get angry... friends tell tall tales after drama and all that... that was until I did some serious reading on the B.E.K.'s

Thinking back on those two times (one other... but I was kinda drunk and blacked out for a few hours...) I can clearly remember having the feeling I was about to "shift" and that's the only way I can describe it, and a almost predatory instinct took hold. I seriously was going to kill, rip, shred... and worst off all... I was going to enjoy it.

Now, I'm actually a pacifist and quite a nice person with a pretty good sense of morality, but there's also another me in here (yes I've seen a shrink and I'm not crazy... at least not on paper anyways). Unlike any mental disorder this is an aware consciousness on par with what some may call a spirit guide, only it isn't into peace and love & good happiness stuff... we call it Xarian as it seems to like that name and its become a somewhat in-joke amongst good friends not to tick it off.

Some folks can channel spirits/aliens... I seem to be able to channel B.E.K.'s or as my family calls them "the eyeless ones". This goes right back before the first internet postings, back to my grandmother and maybe if we looked, even further. I can recall the day we sat down and had a talk about our dreams, and we all had two similarities - The two story house (that we've never been to./. but we've all been to) and the eyeless beings that they have to run from. I say "they" because in my dreams I'm always with them as a guide; still human, but with them all the same. Neither my Mother or Grandmother have ever read or seen the stories and urban legends, hence the family named reference to the eyeless ones.

I share this because Xarian thought it best to let folks like the guy who followed one know... they don't play around. They hate us with a passion that transcends known human emotion and that's why we feel intense dread & evil in their presence.

They are not reptilian, grey hybrids, demons or vampires; they are far far more than that, they were here before us... and will be here long after us.

Recent events over the past 20 years have made them a lot stronger and stirred the proverbial hornet's nest but old rules concerning threshold rights & free will must still be obeyed.

That time however is passing and soon there will be a dimensional breakdown... at least that's what I can gather from both my dreams (since I was a kid) the internet doomsayers.. and my inner B.E.K.

I kid you not. This post/message is straight from the heart. I read a lot about why B.E.K.'s exist, theory's and speculation... some even think they may be fey, or sprites. All I know for certain is that they are indeed pure malevolent, low resonance entities and I've had to live with one personally and spiritually since messing around with things I shouldn't at a very young age.

Hypothesis - Perhaps I was lucky... had I let Xarian take me I might have been one of them in full, instead it chose the wrong (and very stubborn about keeping my soul/mind intact) child.

This is my story, as I can barley understand it... I hope it helps someone either understand the nature of B.E.K.'s or realize they are not totally mental.

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