The Demon Beleth

aka: Byleth, Elyth
Rank: King/Queen
Legions: 85
Strongest: Late May
Demon Summoning: Daytime, red candles, mercury (metal), dillweed, hazel

A fierce and powerful King among the demons, Beleth should not be summoned by amateur conjurers or the faint of courage. The demon king is actually a fallen angel who was once part of the angelic Order of Powers. When summoned, trumpets and loud music blare and Beleth rides in on a pale horse, fully armed and ready to kill those who fear him. He is ferocious and frightening and demands that the conjurer be equally strong-willed and fearless, yet humble and respectful in the presence of a King. The summoner will be tested at their very core and those who fail will suffer a terrible fate.

Beleth must be controlled quickly by the summoner, and specific rituals must be followed. First, the summoner must always wear a silver ring on the middle finger of his or her left hand and hold his ring against their face as this is both a ward against evil and a sign of respect toward the King. The summoner must also hold in his or her right hand a wand made of hazel, and when Beleth appears, must immediately strike it to the Southeast, holding it outside of the protective summoning circle (but keeping one's hand inside the circle). The summoner must then draw a triangle (again, outside of the summoning circle) and command Beleth into it.

Now here's where it gets even trickier. Unless the summoner has already established a relationship with Beleth, he will likely refuse the command. This is part of his test. Remember, this is one of the Kings of demons and he will not just obey the commands of some common person just because they read about him on a website. This refusal to obey the conjurer is all a test of the conjurer's will, control over fear, and knowledge of the summoning arts. Should the summoner show fear, the King of Demons will likely leave and never again return if summoned. And that is if you are lucky.

Now the summoner must once again command Beleth into the triangle and recite the sacred Bonds and Charms, which are essentially the rules and laws of spirit summoning, and Beleth will finally yield. Should the summoner not know the Bonds and Charms by heart, they will fail the test and the King will likely show them what becomes of those who waste a demon's time. If you are wondering where to find the Bonds and Charms then stop right here. Let this alert you that you are not even close to being ready to summon a demon of this strength.

So, what does one get for all of their effort? The answer is a bit surprising. The one and only power that Beleth bestows to the summoner is love. Though it may seem like an odd power for a demon as strong and intimidating as Beleth, causing others to fall in love is a very difficult task that requires a very powerful spirit to control it. In fact, the few very advanced summoners who have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect have been allowed to see Beleth's true form, which is said to be that of a small, frail, doe-eyed young girl!

This makes one wonder if the "knight on the pale horse" routine is her chosen demon form simply to test the summoner's courage and command the summoner's respect. At the same time, it seems that only those who are able to meet the true form - Queen Beleth - are able to unlock her greatest powers.

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