Believe In Vampires Because They Are Real!

(Uttrakhand, India(HINDUSTAN))

Well it was Shivaratri(a festival of Hindus in which they celebrate the marriage of GOD OF DEATH LORD SHIVA) of 2012. Well I was going to my maths tuition as usual, but today there was a jam due to the festival.

As I was going I was thinking about the existence of god. Actually I don't believe in god, so I was thinking that if god do really exist then why don't he prove me his existence. Then I saw a woman in the crowd, about 60-65 or so, her hairs were all white but looking like that she has coloured them brown. I was quite far from her but I can see her properly. She looked at me and her eyes seemed to be so cold and cleverness was there in her eyes. Only looking at her eyes she was looking of about 30-35 younger in her age. And she smiled while looking at me and then showed me her teeth. And seriously her teeth doesn't look like of a human, they were like a vampires teeth and they were of yellow colour. But I was not convinced because sun rays were directly falling on her face. And we all know vampires can't walk in sun.

But no one will believe what happen after that, it seems to be a dream to me. But I am convinced that this is REAL. Exactly after two days of this incident, when I was walking on my roof I saw someone on just opposite house's roof. Well in that house recently a death has taken place so there was no one in the house. So I went further to take a closer look that who he was. He was a guy of 20 or so wearing a black jacket. That was common, it was winters time. But he seemed to see me.

I should be scared at that time because everyone else was in their house warming themselves, only I was roaming like a fool on my roof, but I wasn't scared. He too came closer and as a street light fell on his face he show me his teeth. I REALIZED he too was a vampire...! There was blood on his face, and his teeth are almost as same as that women but they were white in colour.

He hissed to me but I didn't move or I should say that I couldn't move OR I don't want to move. We both stared at each other I think for 50-70 seconds. Then I heard my mom calling my name I didn't reply to her first call but the second time she call me much louder. I just twisted my head back so as to say her I am coming. But as I again saw to the place where he was standing Oh HE WAS GONE.

I was seriously felt so scared that I ran down in my bed. THEY BOTH WERE REAL VAMPIRES. It has been over a month since I have seen them, I never saw them again. But I hope to...


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