Below My Baby Crib

by Kerry

My family has always been linked to the supernatural. My mother is somewhat of a medium, but stopped for reasons unknown for me, but still gets messages sometimes. Her side of my family has always been interested in this sort of thing.

Only recently I was told a story about when I was a baby. Our house isn't really haunted, but every so often we have the ghosts of two little girls round here, Victorian little girls one around eight and one around 12, my age.

Although I personally have never remembered seeing them, mother and cousin do. My mother said she was asleep in her bed one night, and she woke up to see them standing next to her. She said it made her jump, but as she was used to this kind of thing, and they didn't seem threatening, she wasn't scared.

My cousin was staying in my sister's room in the attic while my sister was away, and she turned to look at the posters and pictures of my sisters wall. She turned her head quickly and saw a girl sitting at the top of the stairs. She didn't react because she thought it was me, but when she turned back a second later, the girl was gone.

But the story I was recently told, was when I was a baby in my crib, my mother would hear me laughing by myself, and when she walked into the room, it was empty, apart from me. I would make her pick me up, so I could look under the crib, which was empty too.

When we started talking about these memories, I remembered I used to have a imaginary friend, named Jessica. At the time I was around 5, and she was much older than me, around 12. And they say children are most susceptible to ghosts.

But I would like to clarify, that this isn't really a scary story. If it's true, then I have grown up around these girls, and they don't frighten me at all.

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