BEP or Something Else?

by Mirchole

I had an experience with something that sounds similar to the black eyed people. 5 years ago my boyfriend and I went to a graveyard one night that was rumored to be haunted.

The car stalled, which it had never done before. When it finally started and the headlights were on we saw something in front of the car looking in at us. It was taller than any person Ive ever seen, very pale, and had the all black eyes. It also was not wearing any clothes, but it didn't appear to have any genitals. It actually looked more like a moving statue than anything. That part only lasted for a few seconds.

The road in the graveyard went in a circle around the graves. We almost had a wreck trying to get out of there. when we passed by the place where the car stalled, the thing was standing by the road just quietly staring at us. I was overcome by a feeling of despair and misery.

That night me, my boyfriend, and my two best friends had dreams in which I had gone back to the graveyard because the thing was calling me and I felt sorry for it.(I never told the 2 friends what happened.) In all of our dreams, the thing killed me. Sometimes I still dream about the thing.

I don't know if what we saw is a BEP, but so far its the only thing I've found that sounds similar.

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