Beware The Fish People!

by hawk orthio(not my real name if you havent figured it out already)
(canyonland southern utah)

This story is 100% true so it might not be to scary when compared to the other stories out there.

So every once in a while I have strange dreams, dreams of people who aren't people, people with sharp, sharp teeth and black beady eyes. I call them the fish people because they slightly resemble piranhas.

One night I had an especially bad dream about this where 3 fish people had ripped my arms off and I was bleeding everywhere which only sent them into a feeding frenzy.

Waking up in cold sweet I went to go talk to my parents about this but when they turned around...
I saw their beady black eyes staring straight down at me then they ripped my jugular out and as I slowly began to lose consciousness they tore out my intestines.

I then woke up again in cold sweat only to see a dark shape standing over my bed. At this point I remembered I sleep on a one-bunk bunk bed and this is impossible and woke up just as he began to gore out my eyeballs.

By now I really needed to pee but I heard my parents up. I was unsure whether this would be another fish person gore-fest so I sat there all night long listening to the drip drip drip of the bathroom faucet and desperately hoping my bladder wouldn't explode.

Another weird thing is whenever I wake up from those beady black evil eyes I hear the drip drip drip of the bathroom faucet.

Here's where it gets weird:

I always concluded it was my sister who kept the faucet running for no real reason which annoyed me greatly, but on the week my sister went to visit my grandma and sleep over, I heard drip drip drip every night.

I've come to the conclusion that my cat has learned how to operate the sink because she's tired of drinking out of the toilet and the fish people may be a result of my fear of the ocean.

But just in case...

/ \ OM NOM NOM!!!
0\ /0 /
\ /
[[ ^^^ ]]

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