Black eye people

by Cat
(NYC, nyc)

I was reading these cases about black eyed kids when I realized I had an encounter myself. The year was around 2004 and I lived in NYC at the time. I believe I was walking down near Rockefeller Center. It was around the afternoon and there were crowds of people around in broad day light. I was lost in my thoughts when all of a sudden a very tall black man in what I'm recalling a gray suit said excuse me as I was walking past him, where as he had his back facing me as I was passing him on his left I didn't see is face.

As he was angling to face me he asked if I could fill out a questionnaire form and the form immediately was held so I can see it. My eyes looked directly to the form without seeing his face. The form asked for my name, my tel, my address and a couple other questions that I didn't bother to take heed to bc as soon as I saw the personal info I wasn't interested.

And as I turned to say 'no thanks' to him that's when I saw his eyes were completely black, no whites at all. He was polite when he asked me just like all cases with other people's, and I distinctly remember he had clean impeccable shoes. He wasn't completely black he looked lighter skinned mixed and he was probably over 6 feet tall around 28 or younger.

When I saw his eyes my instinct was 'oh he must have some sort of disease that made his eyes turn completely black' and for a second I felt sorry for the poor fella who had to do this line of work looking the way he does. He didn't give off any dark vibe probably because I see others around me which made me feel safe, but like most people in NYC he seemed sterile and unemotional. I never told anyone because I thought he had an illness and forgot about it over the years.

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