Black Eye Pools

by The Maven
(Los Angeles, CA)

Have you ever seen episodes of the "X-Files" in which a kind of alive, black oily flatworm type of thing films its way across someone or something's eyes? Well, this is what I saw.

First, let me say that I am clairvoyant and an intuitive and have been aware of this all of my life. I was tapped by Spirit at the age of four. I have always been able to "see" things. That being said, here is my tale, one of them.

I was attending a spiritual workshop at a very high end hotel in the desert area of Palm Springs, CA. There was a circle of about 12 of us who were there for the weekend of delving into ourselves, assisted by a facilitator, who we shall call, Michael.

Michael was going around the room and assisting everyone individually on that first day. He came to a woman, let's call her, Pat, who was there with her boyfriend, "Jim."

These two were part of our meditation group that met every Sunday. At one such meditation meeting in which Michael had first been introduced, I had seen a gargoyle- faced entity rise up from her and loom leering above her right shoulder. It was mocking Michael as he tried to rid her of it. When he was done with his attempts, it gloatingly went right back in. Now, he was trying again.

Let me add here that I had previously had a dream about Pat and Jim in which he was imprisoned inside of her in a honeycomb of dark cells filled with many others and screaming to get out, as he reached for the Light.

Before I even knew her, I had seen them from a distance. She appeared to be sucking out his life force when they kissed. I saw this before I realized with a gasp that it was my long time friend, Jim, with his new girlfriend.

Back at the workshop room, Michael was working to help Pat to rid herself once and for all of that gargoyle entity. After a long struggle, it was out, but, now, she had to go to the bathroom. Emily was sent to go with her and to watch over her, so that the entity wasn't allowed back in.

Pat was panicked and believed she would die without its presence, since that is what it had told her and made her feel. So, she let it back in. By the time she returned to the room, it was dug in deeper than ever. She was up all that night racked with fear of that dark thing.

The next day, as we began to close the workshop, we were doing some exercises and partnered up. In one, we had to look deep into each other's eyes. I was partnered with Jim. As I looked into his eyes, I saw that oily, black leech-like dark entity slither into and across his eyes from all directions until it covered them completely, and I was looking at totally black eyes. I just watched.

Then, I pulled back. I was quietly freaked out, somewhat used to seeing these types of things. Since he was my friend, I decided not to let on, so I regained myself and continued with the exercise. I continued my watch and continued to see those black eyes and to stare with secret disbelief into those black, liquidy, squirming pools of darkness. Jim didn't seem to be Jim any more. I couldn't look at him for the rest of our time there.

I feel that it was that something from his girlfriend that attached itself to him and entrapped him.

The next time I saw him , that blackness was nowhere to be seen, but I know that it was there, hiding. I could feel it.

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