Black Eyed Being Encounter

by Rose

I was doing some last minute holiday shopping at the mall at Green Hills in Nashville. I was standing at a jewelry counter when I noticed someone walking by to the right of me. I was looking down, but noticed the strange way this person was walking out of the corner of my eye, & it seemed as if my attention caught his attention.

He stopped, then took a couple of steps back. I was confused because of the jerky way he was walking; almost like his knees were disjointed, & when he stopped & took those two steps back, I knew that he knew I had noticed him. My eyes traveled from his legs to his face, & that is when I felt a sickening terror that I have never felt before or since, (except when I think about it).

His skin was pasty white, his hair was stringy and almost as pale as his skin, & his eyes were solid back. I just can't find words profound enough to describe the terror that ran through me! I'm not sure, but I got a sense that he was amused that I had noticed him? It was as if he was scanning my soul, looking for something in me. I lost all sense of my surroundings. I couldn't hear anything except my own heart, my ears felt so full. I think I lost touch with reality for a second. I knew I had to look away immediately! He couldn't know that I knew anything or felt anything!

I closed my eyes & bowed my head in prayer. Then I heard someone asking me if I was okay. It was the lady that works there. I said that I wasn't sure, & she said that I looked like I should sit down or something. I glanced back to where he was standing, & he was gone. I looked to the left & the right, & he just was no longer there.

Did that really happen? There is so much I could say about that instant encounter. The emotions, the sickening terror, & was there an exchange of information? Now I'm having nightmares, & I've lost 18 lbs. since then (Dec 16th). I think I should find someone to talk to about this because I think I'm losing it! I am literally falling apart! I do stay in constant prayer with my Heavenly Father. I really don't know what else I can do to get this behind me. I told a friend a little about it, & she suggested it was somebody wearing those black contacts, but I know it wasn't that. So what to do? I just don't know how something like this can happen.

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