Black Eyed Being

by Amy

This story is true, but does not take place in what most people would call "reality". I'm not sure why, but I recently remembered a dream that I had when I was a child. As a child I had a few dreams that were recurring, but they would only repeat themselves two or three times, and each time would be different, like a variation on a common theme. The dream that I am most concerned about contains these figures known as the "Black Eyed Beings". I only remember a short fragment of this dream, but it was so vivid that I can still remember exactly how it looked. I remember that I was walking out of a grocery store I also had, and continue to have recurring dreams that revolve around grocery stores, if that has any significance and as I walked out into the parking lot, I noticed a man standing idly next to a vehicle. I felt frozen in time as I noticed that he was staring directly at me. He never moved, just stood there and stared. I was frightened when I saw that his eyes were completely black. I don't know how long this went on before I finally woke up, but I have never been able to forget that dream. I haven't dreamed about the people with the black eyes since I was a young child, probably about 8 or so, but after doing some internet research on the topic, I was surprised to discover how many other people had encountered these beings - not only in dreams, but in real life. I wanted to discover some sort of significance in those childhood dreams, some sort of explanation that would put my mind at ease, but instead I have found more questions. I can't help notice some similarities between my story and the accounts of others:

-in my dream, the figure had the tell tale black eyes, no whites, irises or pupils
-the figure's location was in a parking lot, which would correlate to the stories of their attempts to gain entrance into peoples' vehicles.
-the figure elicited feelings of fear, so far as to cause me to be unable or unwilling to move

In my dreams of these beings, however, I have never encountered a child, all of the beings were adult, and there were both males and females. At times there was just one Black Eyed Being, and during those times, the being was the only one present in the dream aside from myself. However, if there were multiple people in the dream aside from myself, and if there was a Black Eyed Being among them, then they were all Black Eyed Beings. There were never any other "normal" human beings in my dreams about the Black Eyed Beings. I have not encountered any of these beings in real life, and I hope that my research into this oddity will not spur a meeting with them, I just want to know what my dream meant, and if it has any connection with the other stories I have read. I am skeptical of these stories being true, but I appreciate any thoughts on the topic.


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